Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekend Antics!

As I prepare for an insanely busy weekend and butterflies of excitement coupled with a bit of apprehension sneak in, I was reminded today to remember.
Remember to be present.
Remember to appreciate.
Remember to stop. breathe. and take it all in.

Because those rumbles deep down that I thought I contracted from my little students? Are nothing more than a reminder that I'm human and have emotions.

My family is flying in to celebrate ME!  My mom, dad, sister and youngest niece will be here soon with hugs, smiles, and drools (I'll let you determine who drools).  My future mother-in-law will host a shower in my honor. Family will meet up for dinner, drinks and good company because of us.  Because Mike and I went and fell in love.  Remember that joy.

Now they want nothing more than to savor those sweet moments with us.
So I should too, by golly.

In  moments where I feel my focus wandering to unproductive places, I reset myself with the word "joy."
It's time to capture these moments for what they are, not their negative potential. Living without recognition of joy might cause regret.
And that's just silly talk.

What do you do when you find yourself overcome? What brings you back?


  1. Well put Vicki!!! When I'm freaking out, I always think of swinging with my Granny on her porch swing when I was little. It's just a calming and happy thought of a simpler time, when you just were. Nothing else, just sitting, and being. :)
    I like your idea though! JOY is a great word!!

  2. Honestly, a book brings me back, oddly enough!


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