Friday, April 1, 2011

Going Postal

Last week I dropped a whopping $200 on stamps.
Postage stamps!

But the best part about it? The post-man at my post-office is my new bestie.  Since I casually laid the wedding invitation on the scale, he bent over backwards to not only get me the cheapest rate to send my envelopes to the calligrapher but to find me 120 matching stamps for our response cards, and for the invitations themselves.

And then when I walked in the door again two days later with my inner envelopes, he didn't laugh at me much when I explained I forgot to include them in my initial shipment to the calligrapher.
Bonus: He had 140 wedding cake stamps waiting for me.
But the icing on the cake? (Pun intended)
Postage rates are rising.  A good friend (Hi,Corinn!) posted a link to a USPS article on my Facebook wall about this. While I can't really understand all the legal mumbo-jumbo in their charts, the one thing I do take away is that postage rates are on the up-and-up again.
And just in time for our invites to go out and RSVP's to come back.
Luckily, we already bought our stamps and they are being put to use before the April 17th hike.  Also it seems, although again I can't understand the darn charts, that regular $.44 stamps will stay the same.  Let's hope so, because if not, many of our RSVP's won't find their way back to us without the help of additional postage that we did not supply.

So friends, if you get a wedding invite in the mail, please do the noble thing and after April 17 remember to add extra postage to your reply card (if it needs it, if you can figure that one out)!

(Bee Tee Dubs, yes! this means are invites are close to traveling to other houses!)


  1. Whoop for the shout out! LOL. You are good for the RSVPs and everything. I super DUPER confirmed with the USPS. Honestly the postage issues I have are the only things that have caused Bridezilla to show her ugly face. Lessons have been learned!

  2. oh my the dreaded postage increase.

    great stmaps though!!! Love them!!

  3. WHAT??? Ok... So the price won't go up til the 17th then??? Our invites will be out by then... But maybe I need to go ahead and get the postage! Thanks for the heads up friend!!!

  4. How perfect are those stamps!

  5. I got some mail from Luxembourg recently and did you know they pay $.70 cents (in euros!) for their stamps?! For real. I couldn't believe it.


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