Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mike!

Today my man turns one year older!  I absolutely love celebrating birthdays, so today will be non-stop F-U-N! Unless, of course, Mike decides he wants to just play video games, then it will be fun for him and I will clean the house (meanwhile, I still get joy out of that!)

Last year I wrote up 27 things I love about Mike, but today I keep it short and sweet.

I love him entirely and completely and can't wait to become his wife!  There's one way sure-fire way to Mike's heart: through his stomach.  This morning we started off with his favorite breakfast: banana pancakes.

Here's a Jack Johnson song, Banana Pancakes, to start your morning off right, too!

Happy Birthday, Mike!!!!!!!!!!!

(and my niece, Eleanor, turns 4 today, too!
Happy Birthday to my little love!)
Happy Weekend, All!
May it be filled with banana pancakes!


  1. Wait a sec. You get joy out of cleaning the house? Umm... I need you to come to mine, stat. I've got buckets of joy waiting for you! :)

    Happy birthday to your man!

  2. I LOVE that song! :) Happy Birthday Mike!


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