Friday, April 8, 2011

Sing, Sing a Song!

It's Friday, I'm in Love!

When you attend a wedding reception, what songs do you LOVE hearing?
You know when you're tearing up the dance floor and really breaking it down, what are those songs which make you really wanna get your groove on?

And then, once you've got a good thing going, a song you hate or seems so out of place comes on and you either A) run for a bathroom break, B) get another drink,  C) take a break, or D) all of the above.
Which songs do you hope the DJ or band doesn't break out?

And don't you dare say The Electric Slide.
It has a very special place in my heart.

On our band list, here are the ones we stared (meaning they must play):
The Electric Slide (yes, really, and it's going to ROCK)
Any Motown songs
Some Jackson Five
Some Big Band Swing
Polkas (of course)

Horas (of course)

On the list, here are the ones we crossed out (meaning please do not play!):
California Girls, Katy Perry
The Cup of Life, Ricky Martin
I'll Be There, Mariah Carrey
Butterfly Kisses, Bob Carlisle
Daddy's Little Girl

Other than that, we left it up to their discretion to feel out the dance floor and play great music!
So what do you LOVE and HATE to hear at wedding receptions?


  1. Creating a song list was the hardest part for us. You want to please everyone... we ended up doing a lot of motown !! big hit with our guests!!

  2. I LOVE the Electric Slide! So fun!!! Sounds like a fun dancing time happening at your wedding! :) I'm just now starting to work on music as well!
    I'd say BOO to The Wind Beneath My Wings. Lovely song I guess, but so over played. That cracks me up that you specifically nixed California Girls... haha!

  3. Vogue
    Old Time Rock 'n' Roll
    My Sharona
    Love Shack
    Walk this Way
    You Spin me Round
    Pump up the Jam
    Single Ladies
    Murder She Wrote
    Golden Years
    Rich Girl
    Another Night

  4. I love all the cheesy songs like YMCA and the Macarena. They're the only songs you can get everyone to dance to. It's fun to make a fool of yourself sometimes.

  5. Any Motown song, yes! I love Motown

  6. I wanna rock and roll all night! and
    It's nothing, but a good time, how can i resist..... (which sounds kind of bad for a wedding but I love it. especially the drum part in the middle! HA HA HA HA
    and i totally feel you with the electric slide and california girls. I do not however want a conga line. I can't stand being pulled into those!


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