Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meeting of the Minds

Mike and I took action to solve many loose ends and figure out details.  After meeting with our wedding planner, catering point of contact, photographer, and venue point of contact all together at the venue itself, we have many tidy bows on details.  And then we have more things to think about!!

Mainly we needed to figure out two extremely important things: where will the band and bars be located?

See, the ten piece band needs an extensive performance area, but we also need the area in front of the door open.  No worries, we found a good spot for the performers and the doors can easily open wide.

Next up, the bar!  While one bar will be located in an easily accessible room, we were unclear if putting the additional bar on the portico made sense, if it allowed for family photos outside after the ceremony, and if passerby's might wander up and help themselves to our celebration.  Thanks to a security guard and selective timing of photos, we should be fine with the outdoor bar.

While discussing those details, we also found a place for our photo booth, decided where I will put on my finishing touches, how the ketuba will be displayed, and where the escort card table and coffee station will be!  TA-DA!

It feels good to get things figured out.
Too bad spring break is over, for me. I guess I'll have to go back to productive wedding planning on the weekends!


  1. That has GOT to feel good and I envy you the satisfaction, but I know it was WELL earned!!

    My first version of this will be after *your* wedding! We're leaving DC and driving over to Asheville to spend three or four days during the week touring wedding venues. I'm still leaning heavily toward the Biltmore, but being there and being able to ask all the questions I want and really envision it will make it actually WORK.

    YAY productivity. BOO Spring break is over. But YAY wedding progress! :)

    (see how I sandwiched the boo between two yays? I'm good like that... :)

  2. I cannot believe how close your big day is!!! So exciting!

  3. Down to the little details! Way to go Vic!!


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