Friday, April 29, 2011

RSVP or Else

Ladies and Gents, as our RSVP deadline of May 4th approaches we have 66 of 120 cards returned.  That's only about half.  And as a realist (not a pessimist) the first thought which comes to mind is, "the people who are not coming are waiting until the last minute to send their replies."  This is probably totally not true. maybe.

However, opening the mailbox after a day of work and finding our small purple envelopes provides such simple joy!  Since most people did not affix a return address label (come on now, folks! what if it gets lost?), we play a game of "whose RSVP card is it?!"  There is an added surprise of who the card belongs to and whether or not they are coming.  Mike and I try to wait for each other to come home to share the opening festivities, but some days you just tear into your little pile of excitement.  

Our guests have five remaining days to deposit the lovely purple pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope in the mail.  That gives me about a week to wonder who is actually coming. 
A trusted post-office liaison named Cousin Laurie pointed out that the clear labels on the dark purple envelopes are tricky to read.  This does not make for easy delivery.  Not the best choice on our part.  So maybe the guests are not wholly to blame...

If by May 4th, or maybe even the 7th, we have yet to receive those indicators of attendance?  Then we send a polite email, followed by a rushed phone call (which we might punt to parents), ending with a Facebook wall post threatening your first born gently reminding those guests we want them to come, but need to know if we are to prepare a place setting for them!

It really is fun to watch the cards pile up!

Stay tuned for the next post, with an explanation for how we organize those RSVP cards!


  1. I've has so many issues with mail in the past couple years that I think, when I get married, I'll have guests RSVP via the internet somehow. I just don't trust USPS anymore.

  2. I feel your pain with the RSVP cards! We are still tracking down a few people because our final headcount is due to the caterer on Wednesday. Eeek!

  3. Oh I suck, I didn't put a return label. But I also scratched out "yes" and wrote "CAN'T WAIT!" so I left all manners out completely in my sheer excitement. ;P

  4. RSVPs were probably my most and least favorite part of the wedding planning. It was awesome to get them in, but it made for a hell of a time trying to match things up and play the "guess who's coming/not coming since they didn't take the time to even send an RSVP" game.


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