Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bachelorette Party, AC!

Round 2 of bachelorette party fun ensued this past weekend in Atlantic City. (Don't forget to check out the DC shenanigans, too!)

Pictured above: one of my highschool besties, Veronica, along with my bridesmaids Meagan and Kathryn, all piled in the car.

Bridesmaid Diana drove while I navigated (excuse my quadruple chin.  Self photos are hard!)

Finally, we ended up here!

and stayed here!

We did some of this (and took Trump's stinkin' money),

and some of this.

And lastly some of this.

I had a the TIME of my life.  So many new memories & one-liners were created.  To keep things clean, I'll leave it at this:

Thanks to my lovely ladies for a fabulous time!
Reunion next year?!
(ask me how you can save 10%)


  1. *sighs*.

    I want details.

    Lots of them.

  2. What an amazing night! I had a blast with you, Vicki. There definitely needs to be a reunion sometime!

  3. AW fun!!! Atlantic City looks like a blast!!! :)


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