Thursday, May 19, 2011

One Month Update

Holy Calendar, Batman.
One month?!?!  Hold the presses, stop the clocks, and let's just press the pause button for awhile, mmmkay?  I've been told this last month will fly.  I'd prefer to crawl at a snail's pace.

I/We accomplished a lot this past month:
-Bachelorette parties in DC & AC fully celebrated my single status and prepared me for marriage (I think)!
-I perfected my appearance with high-lights, a spray tan (yes really), and my hair & makeup trial!
-We celebrated our 7 year anniversary (holy guacamole).
-I conquered my dreams (literally).
-We managed to get almost all our RSVP's mailed in, but not without good effort.
-Our photographer, planner, venue point of contact, and caterer point of contact all met at the venue to discuss stuffs and things.
-Meanwhile Mike and I ordered the kipot, our ketuba (it's so purdy), & had our final meeting with the Rabbi.
-We took a sneak-peak of our venue set up for someone else's wedding.  It got me all a-flutter.

To do in 30 days or less:
-buy wedding ring (yes still, Ebay here I come!)
-buy garter
-dress for synagogue
-cake topper?
-decide on cake style
-buy under dress lingerie
-order benchers (after-meals grace)
-write vows
-order welcome bags
-buy contents of welcome bags
-get maps of metro/dc for welcome bags
And if it doesn't get done? No one will know the difference...

To wrap things up, I share with you my favorite song of the moment, Lady Gaga's latest single The Edge of Glory.  While, sure, this song is about getting together with some guy, to me it speaks of "hanging [by] a moment" and being on the edge of something truly awesometastic.  Plusalso? It has a crazy awesome sax solo that reminds me of the Full-House theme song.  Keepin' it real...


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  1. Is it weird that I may have just squealed out loud for you?

  2. ah!!!! omg i want to help you! 30 days! shew!!! happy weekend!


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