Wednesday, May 11, 2011


About a week ago I let one of my favorite people do whatever they wanted to my hair.  See I fully trust my hair stylist, like no-holds-bar fully trust.  David at Salon Rouge suggested I consider highlights for my wedding, to jazz things up and make my 'do pop in photos.  And I did what any trusting, yet slightly-scared-of-change client would do: waited a week before I needed it done & called up to find he was booked solid.  But never fear! David is so awesome he came in an hour early to squeeze me in.  Love. him.

So blah blah blah once my hair looked like this (on a Friday, after a long week and after an even longer day at work):
(Let's not notice how homely I look)

(We can notice how farking long my hair got.  uh-maz-ing)

And after David worked his magic? Well let's just say I have a new up-keep expense to add to my list of beauty expenditures.

And just for good measure, let's throw in one from my hair and makeup trial
Look at those highlights pop! (right? maybe?)

(and when did I get to be so narcissistic?!)


  1. I love highlights!!! I just wish they were not such a pain to keep up with.

  2. love highlights, esp love highlights done by a stylist (which are the only people that should do them!!)

  3. Ahhhhhhh yes,... the upkeep, the expense, the ability to feel refreshed like never before in just under 2 hours and some tin foil.

    I'm sorry you had to lose your virgin hair, but I'm happy you loved it! It looks fantastic, fresh, fun, bright, and totally pops. SO glad you let him talk you into it!!!!


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