Monday, May 23, 2011

More Venue Stalking!

While the internet allows my fair share of venue stalking, a few weeks ago we experienced some first hand, quality venue stalking. No, we didn't crash anyone else's wedding... per-say.  However, our catering point of contact allowed us to swing by before a wedding at our venue!  Whats even better - it was a Jewish wedding so their chuppah was set up and ready to go!

 So pretty, right?  I honestly have no idea what our chuppah will look like, aside from four posts with fabric.
There will be flowers somewhere.  and people.
and Mike and I.  so that's good.

I love the light in this space!

The ballroom was set up with eleven 5.5' tables.  We will probably have around  eleven or twelve 6' tables.

This bride wanted  a french vintage theme.  The tablecloths were gold with silver patterns.  There were white, gold, and ivory accents everywhere.  So lovely!

 This space will be tight with twelve tables and chairs.  And to think, we were originally hoping for 17 tables!

Of course, we will have bar. This shows the Board Room, and Mike talking with his hands.

In just 3.5 weeks we will set up for our wedding there!!


  1. Beautiful! I love that everyone gets a good view of the couple with the circular arrangement! Almost there lady!

  2. so pretty I love gold and silver.... gorgeous!!!

    I am sure your setup will look lovely!

  3. How exciting- your venue is beautiful!

  4. SO exciting!!! That looks lovely!!! Can't wait to see your day come together!!!


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