Sunday, May 29, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 5.28.11

Awesome Hair Edition!

I raved about my hair stylist before, but yesterday he blew it out of the park.

He used some new magic wand to curl mah hairs, and the results are beyond beautiful.

I envy curly hair.  For a day, David made my dreams come true!
(sidenote: today my hair is still curly after sleeping on it, but now more relaxed and continued awesomeness)

 So fun & fresh.  Great for a late spring/early summer rooftop party (which we went to that evening!)
Everyone complemented my hairs.  
I should have brought more than 1 of David's business cards.

I'm thinking our "day after" (more like week after) wedding shots will need to feature these curly locks!
I love how my highlights really pop.

Wedding Countdown: 21 days!


  1. Your hair looks awesome with curls! I always want my super straight hair curly too.

  2. Welcome to the world of curls!

  3. CUTE curls!!! Love it!!! We're getting SO close!! :)


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