Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome Bags!

I find welcome bags a nice touch upon hotel arrival.  You get to your event city, check in at the hotel, and a fun little bag of goodies awaits you! 

I'm on the search for a white whale. 
I want deep purple (no lilac or lavender crap), medium sized (8x4x10), glossy coated, with stand up handles, bags.  And I need about plus-or-minus thirty count at around a dollar a pop.
Nothing specific or anything...

My illusive search led me to many dead ends.
Until I found that photo above! Genius!  I thought my search was over, until pressing "order" & learning all but one of those bags were out of stock. When I called the company I then found out they were back-ordered two weeks, with an additional 2 week's shipping time.  If you're smart like me, you realize that's exactly 4 weeks and pushing it way to close to the wedding. 
So back to square one.

Then it happened when I least expected it.
I found a bag.  A new bag. A beautiful bag.
The perfect bag.
And you can't see it yet.
But the level of perfection is out of this world.

Beyond that, I'm focused on their contents.
Obviously we need a welcome letter with itinerary, a city map, a metro (subway) map, and some goodies.  Mike and I plan on hitting up Costco soon to purchase water bottles, prepackaged cookies, and individual baggies of chips.

Sooo... suggestions?  What would be fun to see in welcome bags?
What have you received or what did you put in hotel welcome bags?

{image one}
{image two}


  1. Oh yay so happy you found bags! I myself am a huge fan of the food items haha

  2. It might be hard to coordinate, but the best gift I ever received when staying at a hotel was a bag full of fresh fruit! Apples, bananas, pears, even strawberries. They lasted the 4 days we were at the hotel, and made perfect snacks to take with us. It's always hard to eat healthy while away from home, so this was a great treat that Mark's aunt gave us.

  3. That's so fun!!! :) Glad you finally found the perfect bag!

    How about a little thing of hand lotion or chapstick. Those are cheap and everyone needs them! ;)


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