Monday, June 27, 2011

Day of Know How

Welcome Krysten, a favored tweep of mine.  She write a fantastic blog, of which I make time to check on the regular.  She's a girl after my own heart, sharing an Etsy & all-things-handmade obsession. I swear without us, the handmade biz might go under...

Hi all! I''m Krysten from After 'I Do' and I am super excited to be blog sitting for Vicki while she's off having all kinds of married fun!

Today I'm going to give you all some advice.  For those of you that are already married I hope you'll be nodding along with this.  For those that aren't, pay close attention!

  • Something will go wrong.  Inevitably something with the wedding planning or the wedding day (or both) is going to go wrong.  My husband and I had plenty of drama leading up to the wedding, I was in a car accident the day before the wedding, one of my readers backed out at the last minute and it rained (and we had an outdoor ceremony).  Go into your wedding planning and wedding telling yourself that something could go wrong.  And if it does, try to let it roll off your back.  Marriage isn't perfect.  Neither is wedding planning.
  • Go with your gut.  It's easy with all the wedding propaganda to get swayed.  Maybe you wanted to wear a red dress but you're on and all you see is poofy whiteness.  Maybe you want to walk down the aisle first so that you can watch your wedding party walk down after.  Whatever it may be, do what you want.  This is the one day when you're allowed to do what you want, no matter what anyone else may deem weird or nontraditional.
  • Eat.  On the day of your wedding take time to eat.  I know you're a busy bride and you think you don't have time.  I promise you will want to eat something.
  • Pause.  I've heard from so many brides that their day just flew by and they barely remember it.  Take time to pause and take it all in.  Just stop for a moment or two and take a mental snapshot.
  • Make lists.  Keep a list of your must have pictures so that your photog knows what's important to you.  Have a timeline of how you want your day to go (but also leave a little room for spontaneity).  Have a list of everything you need the day of, such as band-aids, extra hairspray, mints, etc.  Lists will be your best friends.
  • HAVE FUN.  I know you want everything to be perfect.  I know you're a control freak.  I know you're 3rd cousin is off getting drunk and trying to make out with everyone on your bridal party.  Stop worrying.  Let someone else worry for you.  It's your wedding day.  Enjoy it.

Vicki I hope your wedding is everything you want it to be and I hope you have a fabulous honeymoon!  We miss you!


  1. Totally reminds me of my wedding day! I would say eating is most important ;)
    Glad I came across your blog through've ot a new follower!
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  2. Thanks for the tips! I think this is like the 10th time I've been told to eat! :) I'll be eating the whole day now... haha!


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