Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To the Mikvah!

No, the mikvah isn't a fancy batmobile for brides, but rather a small pool.  Normally one goes to the mikvah when they seek cleansing, be it after your "time of the month," childbirth, or to prepare for some holidays or something like your wedding!  It can be used by either gender, but before you enter you must be scrupulously clean.

In Jewish tradition and observance, today Mike and I will go, separately, to the mikvah to immerse and prepare ourselves for our upcoming wedding.  We will shower & brush our teeth before we leave the house. I will remove the nail polish from my toes.  There will be no jewelry worn, or even bandages covering any part of us.  The reason for this can be interpreted as needing the water to touch every single part of your body.  If you have on lotion or any barrier, the water cannot completely envelope you.

This ritual bathing serves the purpose of cleansing and preparing us for our union. 
"In many ways mikvah is the threshold separating the unholy from the holy, but it is even more. Simply put, immersion in a mikvah signals a change in status -- more correctly, an elevation in status. Its unparalleled function lies in its power of transformation, its ability to effect metamorphosis."

It's not holy water, in fact it's not even blessed.  There is, however, a certain ratio of rain water to other water, to signify a connection to the earth.  But it's a special place where you go to transform yourself.  With each submersion there is a prayer to recite (and it's laminated, so if the paper gets wet no one worries). The first prayer for the mikvah translates into: Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the universe, Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us concerning immersion.  The second prayer is often a silent one which comes from  your heart.  The third prayer is one my favorites because it serves as a catch all and used often: Blessed are You, our God, Creator of time and space,who has supported us, protected us, and brought us to this moment.

And then, poof! You're all spiritually clean and sparkly.  And Mike and I cannot "touch" each other until the wedding night!  
Which actually won't be a problem since he's going on his bachelor party immediately after, coming back on Friday.  Don't ask me how I feel about that.

But back to the Mikvah: it's a very unique, little known tradition.  It's personal yet follows with you for days after.  The submersion in the mivkah centers, clears your mind, and renews. 

 Oh and visiting the mikvah is not required, but rather Mike and I chose to do it. 

4 days until the wedding!!!


  1. WoW! I never knew about this! Thanks for sharing!
    and WoaH! Cannot believe your day it's just 4 days away!!

  2. Four days! Ahhhhhhhh!

    Oh, I'm sorry, I should be keeping you calm...

    beautiful tradition on your journey to the big day which by the way is in only FOUR DAYS!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! ;) xo

  3. That is quite beautiful. The Jewish faith has so many lovely traditions, ceremonies, and rituals. I hope that when you step out of the mikvah, you feel cleansed, blessed, happy, and renewed! XOXO!

  4. I think he'll need another Mikvah after AC! just saying...

    but seriously, thats very educational! did not know much about this tradition.

  5. What a beautiful tradition! I had never heard of it before! :)
    So you're worried about the bachelor party... SO close to the wedding... Don't blame you. :) But it'll be ok. I'm sure of it!

  6. I remember my visit to the mikvah vividly. I was hesitant, as I did not know what to expect. Here's an example. I had very long nails at the time, and was concerned that the attendant was going to cut my nails down to its nubs. I spoke to her in fluent Yiddish and asked her to kindly look away, as she could look underneath my nail beds and see that I was quite clean. She was kind enough to see my plight and from that moment on, I was truly treated like a princess!!!

    It is a lovely tradition, and when you go as a bride, you are treated royally!!


  7. This is one of the reasons I am completely enamored with Judaism... it's such a beautiful religion. I am so proud of you for embracing it to the fullest extent.

    Oh, and I will see you get married in FOUR DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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