Saturday, June 4, 2011

Waistline Woes

Any bride who tells you she's not dieting is lying. 
Just throwing that out there.

So for myself?
Sure, I cut back on my food intake.  Nothing drastic, or anything. I like food. Food and me? We have a great relationship. It tastes goooood. Case-in-point. 
But who doesn't want to look even better? With the proper motivation, like ahem, your wedding, you can go far, right?

I mean you can, and sure I've come far, but comfort food is so darn yuuuummmmy.

So here's how it goes for me:

About 6 months out from my wedding I gave more money than I care to admit to hired a personal trainer.  I know me.  I will purchase a gym membership, plan on going religiously, do that for about a week, and then taper off and still end up paying for it when not going at all.  That money lost is now body image gained with my personal trainer.  And bonus: she's someone I enjoy working with, centers me emotionally during my rants, and will continue to work with post-nuptials.  Super bonus: my biceps rock.

The hypoallergenic, doctor prescribed diet back in October taught me a lot about food: quality, quantity and preservatives. While there's no way in hell I still eat what or how I did on that diet, I know how certain foods affect me and try to make concerted effort to eat better.  Now consistency is my problem.  I'll eat whole, good foods for about 2 days, then fall off the wagon at a bbq and gorge on those hotdogs I try to deprive myself of otherwise.  But a few hotdogs/bruchetta/macaroni salad here and there is not bad!  I try to be realistic.  Reality is harsh when you want a flat belly, though.

Last week I asked a thin friend of mine how he does it.  He asked if I wanted the truth.  Um, yes. (Hindsight: no no no.)  Enemas and not eating.  Ok so that first part is out the window.  Nothing too extreme for me, please.  But not eating?!  We've established my love affair with food.  Sure you eat less you should weigh less.  You eat right you should also weigh less.  For the record, this friend does eat.
Moving on, I asked another friend who happens to be a nutritionist at a certain government run health organization that same question.  Disclaimer, this was at her birthday party and she was definitely enjoying herself.  Her response: Don't eat.  What?! Wait, wasn't that the skinny friend's advice?!  Now things are wonky.  She went on to explain that smaller meals are better, not totally restricting calories.  Oh, and she also advised that if I plan on drinking any alcohol, then I should really not eat. Like, at all. 
Last stop on the bad-advice train, with a happy twist, my personal trainer.  I recounted the pointers given above and she nodded and agreed.  If you don't eat you will loose weight.  But of course you shouldn't do that.  Whew.  Finally, someone who sees the reality to this bad guidance.  Then she shared how she prepared for a body building contest by basically not eating for the remaining days leading up to the show.  ARG!  She supports eating.

For the love of all things tasty, people must eat!
I'm going to write a book called "You have to eat to loose weight!" 
Not that I have any credentials on the topic. 
Just random advice from others.

And no worries, I'm eating.  And I'm working out.  And Mike and I are running a 5K together tomorrow.  And we eat really well.
Food is meant to be enjoyed.
But the jellybeans & candy cane oreos are hidden from sight.

Sidenote: I fear the google searches that will land people on this post!


  1. I'm with you! I started working out at a Crossfit gym about 6 months before my wedding and love it (will be continuing on now that I'm back from my honeymoon). I also attempted a Paleo diet (no gluten, grains, dairy or sugar), but I have a hard time keeping to that strict of a diet full time. I love me some ice cream! I put in some hard work at the gym, significantly reduced processed foods in my diet, and paid attention to food that makes me feel good rather than just tasting good for a few seconds. The day of, I felt AMAZING in my dress and was actually able to breathe after having it taken in not once but twice. Of course, I did cave and ate biscuits and gravy for breakfast the day of the wedding. Die-hard dieter I am not!

  2. You neeeeeeeed to eat! No doubt about that! Funniest thing though, I have lost over 25 lbs since December and we know my fiancé has lost 12 inches when we had him fitted for a custom shirt... and he is in a WHEELCHAIR. Can't walk or exercise, not even lifting weights because of OI (brittle bones). How did we do it? Cutting mostly all processed foods (a compromise food is a great way to not feel deprived) I Love food and cooking, and we lost the weight by using whole milk and using real fats, not vegetable oils or margarine or crisco. Look up for more details. We use real butter, coconut oil, and palm oil for everything. We eat homemade fried chicken quite often! and mustn't forget the burgers and steak when we can afford, and when funds are tight soups are great for streching the dollars but all nutrients. We are now moving towards a grain free diet similar to primal/paleo. (I couldn't ever give up my homemade yogurt or icecream I think, though I could techinically make them dairy free by using coconut milk) I am not certain but I think we have either a grain or gluten sensitivity, because anytime we "compromise" with going out to dinner at a restaurant for a burger or something with bread, we feel it the next day!

  3. Wow I cannot believe they said do not eat! Actually it is kind of sad- your body needs fuel people!!

  4. While I've never actually had an enema, I don't think they are that extreme. I knew a girl who got biannual colonics because her pipes didn't do that great a job on their own and she could see the difference in her stomach before and after. I don't know what her diet or medical situation was though. I imagine if you have good nutrition this shouldn't be necessary.

  5. I didn't diet before the wedding at all. In fact, I devoured more food in the 3 days beforehand than in the week prior. I was happy enough with how I looked and there was no way I was going to deprive myself.

    When I have wanted to lose weight in the past, I'll honestly say I didn't restrict my diet. I couldn't. I enjoy food, and cooking, and baking too much. So I just worked my butt off exercising. It worked for me because I never felt like anything was taken away and enjoyed exercising just because.

    Good luck, lady. I know you'll look fabulous no matter what.

  6. Hope your 5K went well!!! I have to say... I had the best intentions of really getting into shape before the wedding... And life happened. That's my only excuse... *hangs head in shame*... Oh well.


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