Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flower Girl Basket Tutorial

Sure, this is a tutorial... of sorts.

Here's the way I decorate my eldest niece's flower girl basket, to match our wedding colors.

I started off with a plain, white basket, from Michael's Craft Store, intended for flower girls.

I purchased ribbon, in our wedding colors:

Using a hot-glue-gun & binder clips (to hold my spot), I attached inch wide purple ribbon  to the top of the basket:

 I was careful to tuck the ribbon over itself so as not to bunch:

After, I attached the .5 inch ribbon to the bottom boarder of the basket:

Lastly I added an apple green accent stripe of ribbon:

And ta-da! A personalized flower girl basket!

PS: hot glue gun stringies drive me craaaazy!


  1. I just came here to say "OMG LESS THAN TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Ok gotta go to work now. LOVVE!!!! :)

  2. It turned out fabulously!! How cute! And I love the tip about using binder clips :)

  3. Well look at you go Miss Crafty!!! It turned out really cute! :) LOVE your color combo! :)


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