Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peacock Cake Topper Tutorial

My crafty side is really showing lately.  I love putting personal touches on special moments.  That being said, I tried something, full-well knowing it could fail.
I looked around for months for a cake topper. I wanted something with peacock feathers, obvi. The only thingsI found that I liked were on Etsy and upwards of $200.  Then I found something more reasonably priced, but the first thought that came to mind was, "I can totally make that."

So I set out to do just that.

I started with a square base of Styrofoam.

I traced a circular shape onto the surface and cut it into a circle.  This was somewhat of a challenge.
I then picked out peacock feathers of various heights.  You can easily trim down the feathers' stalks with scissors.
I love that this one has a heart in the center!

I poked/jammed the feathers into the Styrofoam base.  Sometimes I needed to create holes for the feathers' stalks to slide more easily into the base.  I used a pencil to create holes in the foam.  Be careful not to put the feathers out too often, because it loosens the integrity of the Styrofoam.

Once I was happy with where the feathers were situated, I hot glued ribbon together to cover the base.  (This is the same ribbon I used for my niece's flower girl basket)

Once the ribbons were aligned I then hot glued that onto the Styrofoam base.

As you can see I added feathers (which I promise in real life they show up purple, not red) to prevent the white Styrofoam from showing.

And voila! Cake topper at the wedding!

And in these professional pictures you can tell the feathers are purple!

{all images personal, aside from the last one from Studio Juno}


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