Thursday, July 7, 2011

On Being Married

First things first, I promise to go through and do a recap of the wedding events -- once our professional photographer gets all 700 photos edited and returned to us. And there is no rushing that! I will not get in the way of a woman and her photos! (especially when they are of me!)

But as for now? Now Mike and I are enjoying being newlyweds, both with the summer off - to boot!  As a school teacher myself and Mike heading into his 2nd year of grad school: half of June, all of July and part of August are totally ours.  Jealous? Thought so! 

So you might be wondering how we fill the time?  Get your mind out of the gutter! Somehow, even though our wedding is over, the to-do list is still there!  The countless items we never made time to deal with and shoved in a pile in the corner, the dog who suddenly hates to go on walks, and the thank you notes (oh lawdy, the thank you notes) all get their dose of attention.  There are duplicate gifts to return and registry items to purchase with our "finish your registry for 10% off" coupons.  The kitchen table still needs uncovering/rediscovering, but eating in front of the TV continues to work, for now. 

All in all, Mike and I are relishing our time with each other.  Grocery shopping has a new spin when you're lucky in love and doe-eyed.  The DVR is almost full but we make plenty of time to catch up on our shows (sidenote: how happy are you that True Blood is back?!). I can honestly say the world is silly-wonderful right now.  With no timeline or expectations, we love spending this treasured time with each other. 
And who could want anything more?


  1. Yep!!! Totally jealous! ;) It's back to work Wed. for us!

  2. Congrats & #boom to True Blood. I didn't think I missed Mr. Northman as much as I did. ::swoon::

    & as a sidenote: I'm (im)patiently waiting for the rest of the wedding shots!

  3. Totally amazing!! Nothing beats the life of a teacher, I tell ya' :) Enjoy your newlywed time!!

  4. I am ridiculously jealous of that picture. So flipping hot.

  5. Just checked out your photogs site! Your pics are amazing! Can't wait to see more!

  6. I am beyooond jealous that you two have this time off together. sounds absolutely perfect!


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