Monday, July 18, 2011

Right Now

Right Now...

  • my real life took over my internet life (read: I have not forgotten about this dear blog)
  • I patiently await our professional wedding photography pictures to share with you every little detail of our big day (which I still relish)
  • I need to pick up my wedding dress from the cleaners (do you know how expensive it is to clean a dress you wore into the Potomac River?!)
  • my trash-the-dress pictures and I might run away together (see above for sneak peak)
  • we spend much time furniture shopping (is this married life?!)
  • Mike and I decided to restore a mid-century china cabinet, that's taking forever to strip, resurface, and refinish (post forthcoming, I took plenty of pictures!)
  • I got a manicure 3 days before the restoration project began (horrible timing)
  • two houses are for sale on the block where we rented before we moved a block away to where we live now (yes, we love the area that much we only moved a block and now want to move back)
  • we love both said houses and hope the stars align to make one of them (and one more than the other) ours (crossing all crossables, throwing salt, and doing a house dance!)
  • we are not planning on having a baby anytime soon (for those of you thinking this is a moving motive)
  • DC is about to be crushed by a heat wave (must finish restoration project)
  • our house is still a mess, post wedding (such is life)
  • my 30th birthday is about 2 months away and I feel guilty asking my friends to celebrate with us once again (but I love birthdays, and I'm turning thirty)
  • I don't fear turning 30 like I did turning 25
  • Florence and the Machine's Cosmic Love is my jam, Chris Brown's Look at me Now is my ringtone (yes, really)
  • we bought a Keurig and a Dyson Animal, both on ridiculous sale and with wedding gift cards (my world is gadget-wonderful)
  • I'm about to try something new this weekend and can't tell you about it until it's done, but I'm kick ace excited about it
  • my life is busier post-wedding than it was before
  • I'm happily content, easily satisfied, and wonderfully in a good place

Where are you right now?


  1. Good news! Sounds like things are going well! Excited to see your trash the dress and the refurbishing pictures!!

  2. wow i love the idea of this post. the right now! please telll me you realllly arent busier after the wedding!!!! eeeek!!! good luck on house hunting!!!!!!!!!!!! i loovvvveee that pic of you guys!

  3. Love the pic & Yay gadgets!!

    I can't wait to see the trash the dress pics


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