Monday, July 11, 2011

Live Tweets from My Wedding

A little back-story:
When the time came to move beyond FSU & Tallahassee, I somehow convinced a friend of mine to make the change to Orlando with me.  We moved in together as roomies, lived pretty separate lifestyles (I did my elem ed. teaching internship and first year of teaching at this time), and made the bestest of friends. So many great memories & inside jokes created - but not to get totally nostalgic, we had tons of fun.  Facebook kept us in touch when Mike and I moved to DC.  Thankfully my family lives in Orlando, making Vicki/Ali reunions somewhat annual.

However Blogger and Twitter are the real heroes here.
I began blogging to record/share the wedding planning process and looked to Ali for advice.  See, she's pretty much a social media queen.  for reals.

And through blogs and tweets, Ali and I reunited as besties IRL (in real life) and internet life.

An unexpected, yet entirely welcomed detail that enhanced my big day in a very personal, yet totally world-wide (web) way, were the live tweets from LuckiestGirlEvr (Ali).
I mean, after sharing the planning journey with so many through this blog, it only seemed right that someone share the actual day, too!  Being somewhat occupied (read: anxiety driven, adrenalin ridden, & otherwise excited) on my wedding day, Ali stepped up and live tweeted our big day!

The first tweet came the day before the wedding, after reading something about it on FB:

I honestly cannot describe my excitement.  I "know" so many people on facebook and twitter now, and have a small community on the interwebs. Now they can share in the events as well!

The first tweets detailed our rehearsal dinner & after party, telling of the fun we all had:
(sidenote: read all tweets in order from bottom to top for correct timing)
 (click to enlarge)

Everyone shared in the festivities, even my neighbor joined in and coined the hashtag (those trending words following the # sign): #VicisCrownd.

Ali's wedding day tweets began in the morning, "well, I'm ready to watch my fav Jews get married! #vicscrownd!" and continued with an update around 4p that "Ok! At this time, @CrowndVic will have been in her Pris. of Boston gown since about 215!"   This excellent play-by-play sped up as the big moment grew closer and Ali arrived at our wedding venue, adding twitpics so others "saw" the beautiful place & even the wedding programs!

(click to enlarge)

While Ali waited for the ceremony fun to begin, the men signed the ketuba and she watched as everyone scurry around:
(click to enlarge)

My favorite tweets come next, as the ceremony starts.  It was great insight as to how things went when I couldn't see it!
(click to enlarge)

Other tweeps (twitter friends) joined in and replied to some of the tweets with their questions for Ali.
And yes you get to read ALL the tweets, because I want this saved forever.  Ali did a wonderful job of documenting it all, not just passing tweets!
(click to enlarge)
The awesome tweets wrapped up the ceremony & continued with pictures of the bouquets, our first dance, and even table names!
(click to enlarge)
Even though camera phones might not truly capture the moments in perfect quality, Ali shot away and got great pictures:
I loved that she tweeted when my Matron of Honor (sister) and Best Man (now bro-in-law!) both mentioned my blog in their speeches. I also love that she had time to reply to others who followed along as she live tweeted!  Last bit of love: Ali caught the bouquet and Vince (her fiance) caught the garter!! Perfection!

(click to enlarge)
To wrap things up, these last 3 tweets say it all:

I feel lucky to have Ali as my friend and tweep, both IRL and on the interwebs.   This additional aspect of my wedding added another layer of detail that only a social media fiend understands, respects, and appreciates wholeheartedly!!! 
{above image credit: Studio Juno}

Would you ever have someone live-tweet an event for you?


  1. That is just so sweet of your friend and so neat that you could include everyone- even if they couldn't be there on the big day!

  2. This is awesome. I have a preggo friend that won't be able to make it as she will likely have a preemie baby in her arms while we're getting married, and as much as I'd love her to be there - please don't bring your still 2 week preemie baby to my wedding of 150 people and their germs. She wants her husband to skype her in, or hold open his phone so she can listen, but I'm thinking tweeting the whole thing will be way easier for her - he can send her pictures and keep her up to date with what's going on a little more inconspicuously than if he was holding up an iPad in the middle of the ceremony! Brilliant.

  3. Of course I absolutely love this post, but to answer your question: YES I would have someone do this for me! First of all - to see it from an outside perspective would be amazing! Second - For those who couldn't be there, it could be awesome!

    I loved every second of live-tweeting your wedding, so much so that I believe it should go on my resume' as a Search and Social Media Specialist. ;)

    Now, live tweeting the birth of your first child,... I'll leave that one to Mike... ;)


  4. This is so fun! I would have loved for someone to do this for me!

  5. very fun! I actually live-tweeted my friend's wedding last May too! BUT it wasn't nearly as indepth and didn't catch on the way yours did - particular because she wasn't a social networking person anyway. I was just doing it for fun...but ti was SO FUN for even me to go back and re-read them. Later, another friend tweeted through our engagement party..but that wasn't as exciting as a wedding. Very cool idea!

  6. That is so cool!!! Love that you have another fun item to add to your special wedding details!!! :) Wishing I had more twitter-wise real life friends now... haha.

  7. Ok that is just the coolest thing ever! (I'm way late on seeing this post) I wish I had been following her that day so I could have tweeted too!


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