Wednesday, July 20, 2011

(Wedding Recap) Family & Friends Arrival

True Story: The wedding craziness festivities began about a week before the wedding.  Once I took off from work, said goodbye to my students for the year (::tear::), and finally had a chance to sleep in (only once) then things started snowballing happening.

The whirlwind began with errands run all over the DMV (District-Maryland-Virginia) metro area.  The ketuba framing was ready only 3 days prior to "go-time" and I needed various craft supplies from Michael's, last minute.  Of course I needed my dress too, and we had the seamstress steam it 2 days prior to the big day. There were other details needing my attention, and the midnight hours saw me working on them.

Once friends and family arrived the non-stop fun began.  The adventure swept me off my feet and surrounded me with love. 

We met with friends from far and wide to catch up. Ali (you might remember her from such previous posts as Live Tweets From My Wedding ), drove up with her fiance, Vince, overnight from FL and hauled her tired butt body out of the hotel room to catch a drink with me.  The moment I saw my former-roommate and bestie I knew this is it! I felt so great having someone to share the excitement with me!

Forgive the poor phone quality picture and my creepy eyes.
(This is not the last you will hear of my dear friend Ali)

The moment my family came down from their hotel room to see me was sheer bliss!  My niece, Eleanor, fell on the floor with laughter and kept saying "Vicki, Vicki, Vicki!"  I loved it.
 actual rolling on the ground with laughter photo

Silly Eleanor & Aunt Vicki Cool Dude (<--That's my name)

I went with my in-town bridesmaids to get our nails done on Thursday, then with my mom, sister, and niece on Friday.
Eleanor (flower girl) had gold sparkly nails!

The award for farthest traveled friends goes to this group below, from London, England!  Mike's friends, Ollie, Rob, Elissa, Lara & Johnny, from a study abroad program, flew in early for his bachelor party (which was 5 days before the wedding....story for another time). Lara came down to DC to help me out (I am forever indebted to her!!) while the boys did whatever it is they did on Mike's bachelor party in AC.
We had time to catch up over dinner, which is nice when you don't get to see friends very often!

When Meg (bridesmaid and bestie from high school) arrived the fun was ON!

And nothing says "WHEW, SO MUCH FUN!" like brothers sitting on each other while cramming seven people into your 5-seater Civic:

Let the good times roll!
{all photos personal pictures}


  1. Oh I love reading re-caps!!! It makes me smile as much as when I was THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. I love that you're breaking them down. I can't wait for the next one!!!

    (srsly, it was the wedding of the century)

  2. How exciting!!! This is it! And it starts... haha

  3. how fun!!! Your niece is too cute.


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