Friday, July 22, 2011

(Wedding Recap) The Rehearsal

When we arrived at the venue for our rehearsal, the doors remained shut and locked.  I thought for sure this would be our big snafu.  Everyone warned me something would go wrong and I needed to go with the flow.  I was more than prepared to practice on the lawn of our venue. I ignored this possibility for the time being. We killed time by taking pictures.

My lovely bridesmaids & MoH! (Kathryn, Marlo, Diana, Meagan)

Eleanor (my sweet niece and flower girl) wore her sparkly shoes and sparkly crown!

Thankfully the people setting up for that evening's wedding finally showed up and we entered.  I didn't need to cash-in my "something will go wrong" ...just yet.

A word of advice, when handing off your fancy dSLR camera to someone who does not know how to use it on manual mode... actually, whenever you hand off your dSLR, be sure to put it on automatic mode.  The following over-exposed pictures are testimony to that.  My apologies.

Bridesmaids line up.
I love the way Lil' E is looking up at me.

Groomsmen lined up.

The bride and groom!
(Mike is clearly paying attention to our planner, I am clearly more interested in the camera. My sister manages a sincere smile amidst this all.)
I like this picture because the planner is talking with us and I have my bridal shower bouquet!

My dad practicing handing me over. (hehe)

Look! Proof that my mom and youngest niece, Madelyne, were there too!!

Overall, the rehearsal went off great.  I strongly recommend having a planner to help you with these sorts of things.  They are a great 3rd party to have on your side, too!


  1. Yay for taming the wedding snafu!!! So.. At least you got rehearsal pictures. I don't think we got any!!! It was RAINING during our whole rehearsal. We just went through it real quick inside and I don't think anyone took a single shot!

  2. My friend Steph, who did my hair and makeup, ended up being a kind of day of coordinator. She'd gotten married 2 weeks before us and she was SUCH a help!


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