Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(Wedding Recap) Welcome Bags

You might remember my search for the perfect purple gift bag, to welcome guests to the hotel upon arrival.  I almost drove myself crazy with this detail.  Mike threw in the towel after many a google search.  Then it hit me.  Forget purple, let's go peacock!

Funny side story:  Because I worried Mike might not agree with even more peacock details, I sent him 2 links.
First to this picture:

Then once he was all flummoxed by the craziness of a that baby in a peacock costume, never-mind the look on the poor babe's face, he clicked on a link to these:

All of a sudden, my "out there idea" of using peacock welcome bags seemed so much more normal in comparison to a baby dressed as one. Duh. (Genius, I tell you, genius!)

Upon checking into their hotel, guests were given this bag by the front desk.  And I know this is a fact, because when I checked in the night before the wedding, they gave me a bag... only after I questioned them about "where's my welcome bag?!"  Totally not bridezilla at all.

PS.com:  Guess who delivered all those welcome bags to the hotel?  That would be the lovely bride to be and her beautiful friend, Lara.  Why by myself? because of some stupid bachelor party.  But it's ok.  It's just a testament to my personal and physical strength.  yeah, I'm dropping that.  right there.  boom.

Back to the bags.  We stuffed them with all sorts of good stuff:

Above you will see the wonderful contents:  local walking maps, metro map, event itinerary, fruit snacks, hershey's kisses, lara bar samples, gum -- and a special thank you to Blair Candy for providing the very apropos ring pops! (not pictured: chips. salty, savory chips.  & water bottles.)

Mr. Melonball thought he'd "help"
I swear that cat is always getting into something.

Here's a great aerial view of the planned contents.

Mike and I created a great assembly line/stuffing system and in no time the bags stood in boxes, ready for drop off.  And then we had tons of kisses left over and threw in more to the bags.  and then some more.  and there are still hershey's kisses in my cupboard.  (but I'm not complaining.  sometimes Costco's portions overwhelm, ya know?)

ta da!  finished bags

Why welcome bags?  Because this:
  • it creates and sets the tone of hospitality, fun, and yumminess for the visit
  • when you arrive in a new city you need maps, food suggestions, & advice
  • its all about the details, yo
  • you also need immediate food (b/c who wants to pay $10 for an airplane granola bar?!)
  • and then you get drunk and want chips, fruit snacks, and other yummies.  poof.
  • guests know where and when stuff is happening
  • guests know how to get to said places ( = less stress for bride/groom)
  • moar peacock!
  • hotel guests "dig it"  (or so says my bro-in-law) 

What's the best item you've received in a welcome bag?


  1. We had welcome bags in Jamaica and everyone LOVED them. Kudos to you for having them as well, lady. I think they add a lovely personal touch. :]

  2. That's awesome! I love the bags. Our welcome bags are still one of my favorite things...we put tons of Boston stuff in it (baked beans, tea, books, local wine...tons of stuff!)

  3. hahaha that was a great way to make you idea not seem so crazy, although I rather like the idea of peacock gift bags

  4. I love the idea of welcome bags!! We did it too! I love your bags so thoughtful!!

  5. I loved this idea from the beginning! :) If my guests would've been staying in a AT ALL central location, I would have done these. But alas... I live vicariously through yours! haha. Love the peacock bags by the way!

  6. Umm...Your Fritos saved my LIFE after drinking post-rehearsal dinner. The gummies saved Vince's life when we missed breakfast before Shabbat services. The itinerary made sure we actually even MADE it to the Shabbat services. I still have the ring pop and will hit it up later.

    The bag is actually still in use as a matter of fact - it has fliers, receipts, and such from the hotel. And your wedding program, and it HAD your wedding invitation in it... but that's been donated for a more noble cause...

    And yeah I'm doing this. It's happening. When we went to our Jamaica wedding they did the same thing but with beach bags and they were worth their weight in GOLD. When most of your guests are from out-of-town, it's truly invaluable.

    I doubt my bags will be that cute though... :)

  7. The bags were great. Eleanor still has it in a place of honour in her room and puts "special" things in the bag. (like rocks and dry leaves)

    I really loved the kisses becuase for weeks later I could turn to Matt and say flirtily "would you like a kiss?" and when he light up and said "yes", I would hand him a candy. He scowled and I laughted. Worked every time.

    Lastly, the baby in the peacock outfit is scary. Why - that would have been MY baby in a peacock outfit. She only stayed in the panda costume for 20 minutes. I couldn't image what she would have done with the peacock one... http://www.shutterfly.com/lightbox/view.sfly?fid=9f045c833707832ccf4ab00f16ca9e1e


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