Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Week in Photos 7.24.11

It's no secret that I love my phone.  The same goes for my camera.  And because of both these loves, I share with you a week in Vignette (for Android) photos.

Our new completed  place setting "Sparkle Cirles" by Mikasa.
Thank the god of shopping for sales at Macy's.

One word: Brinner
Breakfast for dinner.

Project Resotration Betsy.

National Ice Cream Day! (As appointed by President Reagan, the 3rd Sunday in July)
I celebrated with Trader Joe's Mini Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches.  of course.

Patron Magarita 
because why not?
and also because we had a friend in town.

Mel has a new favorite place to curl up:
On the couch beside me.
This ferocious wild thang has been tamed.

happy (one month) anniversary to us!

Project Restore Betsy.

vertical style.
(see cat toy at top of scratch post)

Lastly, I did something awesome this weekend:
 No I didn't make that cake.
It's from a wedding where I assisted a planner & ran the rehearsal (on my own)!
...and I really, really enjoyed the experience!

More pics to come next week!


  1. Nice Pics! I just downloaded that app for my phone :) I've been looking for a good camera app!

  2. I love this app! I actually bought it so I could get the bigger versions of the photos as well. The filters are addicting!

    With that said - I'm ready to see real photos of your restoration project. It looks like a task and a half! What's in it?

  3. You've had quite the eventful week! I love your restoration project. And I've always been a fan of 'brinner' :D

  4. That's exciting!!! Wedding planner Victoria?? In the works?? Eh? :)


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