Sunday, August 21, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 8.20.11

This Steppin' Out post is again brought to you by my hair and my most awesome stylist.
It seems I happen to schedule most my hair appointments on Saturdays.

Now that highlights are a "regular" part of my hair, I decided auburn low-lights should too be welcomed in my locks.  And feathers.  And why not add a random red streak on the underside (not to be confused with ombre).

My girl Veronica celebrated her upcoming wedding with a non-shower bridal brunch.  I finally had a chance to wear my new, fun dress & accessories from Forever 21 (with my new, fun hairs).

Also? Bottomless mimosas are good in theory.  Hence taking the pictures inside this time.

Tomorrow, it's back to school for me!  Cheers to a great 2011-2012 school year!


  1. Looking great Mrs. Salamon! I will be at Key Tuesday-Friday this week picking up the Corey monster so I hope I get to see you!!

  2. I really love that dress and your shoes. Very cute outfit.

  3. So cute! Love the dress and feathers :) Good luck tomorrow!

  4. I love the back of that dress! Its so pretty! Good luck in school tomorrow!!!

  5. LOVE your new do!!! :) I've kind of been wanting a feather... maybe soon.


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