Saturday, August 20, 2011

Review: Jockey Stay Cool

We all know about the new wicking technology which keeps you dry and cool while you sweat your butt off.  I feel like I can recite the commercials verbatim.  But when my favorite under-roo company, Jockey, shared samples of their staycool line, I knew this was the real deal.

Available for both men & women, Jockey's staycool is line is made with Outlast technology to keep you cooler by regulating your body temperature!  Taken from their site, "Our new women's Jockey® staycool collection is engineered with Outlast® technology to help your skin feel up to 3° cooler. The cotton-spandex fabric blend offers a soft, breathable feel and a flattering fit. Styles include a reversible tank, reversible t-shirt, bikini and modern brief underwear silhouettes."

staycool reversible tank

 The very soft fabric is so light.  I wore the reversible tank to yoga class where I found it perfect for stretching and moving.  I agree that it does really keep you cooler, which is nice when the studio heats up.  I also liked that the tank didn't cling to me, but still fit nicely without riding up during inversion poses.  The same can be said for the reversible Tshirt.

Here I am getting excited about my staycool Jockey tank.
I also totally dug my bright colors, hence the sunnies.  

Since we're talking about these awesome outter-garments by Jockey, I should also mention the under-garments.  Yes, I'm talking about underwear.  I have to say, at first I was a little wary of trying briefs.  I'm a bikini girl (and btw, their staycool bikinis rock).  And now my newlywed husband has a new, realistic fear: granny panties.  Jockey's staycool modern briefs are anything but granny-panties.  They do provide more coverage than I'm accustomed to, but hey, change isn't always bad.  And yes, I'm still talking about underwear.  However, I loved them.  Without totally creeping you all out and risk loosing followers by continuing to talk about my underwear, I'll just say this:  you won't regret buying Jockey's staycool modern briefs.

For those of you who made it this far through a post in which I discuss my unmentionables (rather ironic, no?), you deserve a prize.
No really, email me for a 25% off + free shipping code* on any single Jockey staycool item.  I know I'll be ordering more!

You can be pumped like me.
But can you get your toenail polish to match your staycool top and sun glasses, like me?!
We can't all be so cool...

*only 10 codes available on first-come-first-serve basis

These rambling thoughts about my underwear and exercise clothes are 100% honest opinions and the heartfelt truth.  Jockey supplied the products, I just tell you how I feel.

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