Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 9.16.11 -- NYC Edition!

This past weekend, Mike took me up to New York City for three days of fun.  We celebrated my upcoming 30th birthday (ahem, 9/24) & had a blast
We nicknamed the time spent our "Baller Weekend" because we did not hold back.
At. all.
Did someone say Louboutin's?
I'll get into that later.
And it was nothing short of amazing.

[edit: This is technically from a Friday, not a Saturday... So we'll call it Steppin' out Saturday on a Friday]

Quick story:  I purchased these button earrings from Uptown Avenue. They quickly became a fav, and then lost one!  I went back to their Etsy store, requesting to buy a single earring.  Theresa said no, she would instead send it to me free of charge with free shipping!  And surprise, she sent a whole new pair!!  Love great customer service!

Stay tuned for more from our amazing weekend! 

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  1. Found you through the link up. I LOVE this outfit. Everything about it is adorable. Hope you had fun in NYC!


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