Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WordFul Wednesday: NYC bday!

This past weekend's birthday trip to NYC totally took my mind of turning 30.  And here's why:

Baller Weekend (as we dubbed it) began with a complementary hotel room upgrade to a suite & four drink coupons.  Score.

We headed out to Ray's Pizza & then Blind Tiger bar.
Pizza + Beer = Happiness.
...especially fancy-pinky-up-beer and greasy-delicious-pizza!
(why did I put that picture up of me?!)

The next day Mike tells me there's a surprise waiting for me.  I totally thought this trip was my present!  We headed uptown on the subway, getting off and walking towards Central Park.  I had no clue what he planning.  I guessed we were going to the American Girl Store to create a replica of me.  I was sorely wrong as we walked up to this store:

See, you might remember back during wedding planning when I wanted these shoes so badly, only to find out they were Christian Louboutin's.  Once I found the price tag I totally threw that plan out the window.  I always kept those Loubs in the back of my mind, though.
Enter a scene about 3 weeks ago, me with my brand new, pain-in-the-foot shoes from Target. Twenty five dollars for shoes seemed like such a steal.  But my feet ached. It's true, you pay for what you get.

Mike did something amazing.  He put two and two and two together.  He knew I loved Loubs and thought I would never get them.  He knew that good shoes would make my feet feel better.  He found a Christian Louboutin boutique in New York City.  And He knew this would earn him major brownie points!

Any pair you'd like.

Beautiful, beautiful words.

Sadly, their stock of 37.5's ran low.  No worries, we headed to the original Sak's 5th Avenue where their women's shoe department not only has their own floor but an express elevator devoted to it!
Sak's also lacked my size in the shoe I wanted, but I did try it on.  And it's supposedly in the mail.  Counting down the days until my Loubs arrive!
I never in a million years would have dreamed of this present.  This is totally out of our ballpark for normal!
Baller Weekend.
Best present evah, right?

While in NYC we also stumbled upon the elusive Laduree macroon store, where a tiny treat cotsts $3 and the box to hold it in, $2.
Baller Weekend.
Amazing, yummy, and a new favorite. 

Other sight-seeing wonders and events include:
World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial

Ferrara's & the San Geranno Festival in Little Italy

 Sharing the love....

30 Rock & rehearsal monologue for Jimmy Fallon!

We even found our way into Christie's Auction House, took in the amazing-must-see musical Anything Goes, got ripped off on a pedicab ride, and ate at the 21 Club.
Totally fab.

Baller Weekend.
and to think, my actual birthday is not until Saturday!


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! That pizza looks SO yummy!

  2. So jealous of your new Loub's!!!

  3. TOTALLY baller weekend! LOVE it! You have the best hubby :)

    Only 10 1/2 months until our rendezvous in NYC ;)

  4. Oh I would faint if my husband took me to a store to buy a pair of Louboutin's. I seriously have no interest in designer clothes, bags or shoes. Louboutin's though? For some reason they kill me.

    I'm so happy for you and your fabulous birthday weekend.

    Happy and extremely jealous ;)

  5. wow! What an awesome trip! You took in the best NYC has to offer! ANND how amazing is your husband?! WOW what a gift and what a guy!

  6. This sounds AMAZING!!! So glad you got to baller it up! Sounds like hubs rocked this birthday! ;) Mine is in less than two weeks... Maybe he can pass on a hint or two to my hubs... hah!


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