Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Glee, Really?!

[edit:  mini-spoiler alert -- if you have yet to catch up on this season of Glee, you might want to do so first... or not... because that's what I might do..]

When Glee first aired I felt as though the series was written for me.  I sang in my high school's show choir and pretty much thought I owned the place when I became chorus president my senior year. I felt like Rachel Berry, except with out the booming talent, just bossiness.

Accolades aside, Glee spoke to me.  I related to (most of) the simple high school drama and meaningful messages.  And I was thrilled to see it catching on, receiving awards, but I never, ya know, went as far to get all the catchy music from it.  No, instead I borrowed it from the library.


Where is Glee headed?!  Quinn and her recovering hate the world/goth/life is so unfair/yet ulterior motives to rejoin Glee? Rachel still wanting to take over but never being put in her place?  Blaine doing a fine job of being cute completely attractive, but honestly not singing enough for my needs. But Blaine leaving his private school for Kurt? in high school? Don't get me started on Schuester & Emma... girl has issues.  And Emma's parents? Ginger supremacists? are they really reaching that far to make an unlabeled connection to those who feel estranged from their own parents? With Ginger supremacists?! Really?!

There are other small plot elements that distract me, but one thing I always loved about Glee was their music.  The catchy tunes from top-40 hits, late night bar sing-alongs, and musicals I knew.
Now I find myself fast-forwarding (we DVR many shows) through songs, but then missing the side-eye Rachel Berry gives someone and still knowing she did it.

Glee, I hope you pick it back up tonight.  I'm a honestly considering pulling a Quinn and abandoning ship for awhile. (I would still DVR the show...)

Please, whatever you do, continue Brittany's "witty" remarks...
I can't live without those!

"Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?"
Anyone else out there feeling the same?


  1. Completely. It's gone off the deep end. I find that I just don't care anymore. So much strange drama.

  2. The music on Glee has sucked lately!!! :((

  3. Remember when you were all "Oh, I hate The Big Lebowski and think it's a stupid movie!"

    Well allow me to retort. I think Glee is a stupid show and should have stayed cancelled and never brought back way back when. I think the story lines are ridiculous. And yes, I have actually watched an episode. It was the mother trucking Grilled Cheesus episode. (I think that was the Britney Spears episode, which was why I was watching in the first place)

    So THERE! We're even ;)

  4. Tara = awesome, if only for reminding the world that somehow my wife doesn't like The Big Lebowski. At this point, that's our biggest obstacle for a happy marriage.

  5. While Tara IS awesome, I would like to point out that Nicci is the one who remembered I hate that stupid Lebowski movie. :)

  6. i've seen a few episodes and it's awesome fun!

  7. It's weird, the same thing happened with Ryan Murphy's last show, Nip/Tuck. By the third season his shows become poorly written, over-the-top soap operas. How sad!

  8. I am completely with you on this one. Glee was amaaaazing in the beginning and I felt totally connected to it, too. Now, I ONLY watch it for the musical number. I couldn't care less about the stupid plot line. But every once in awhile they come out with this AMAAZING song number and I turn to my husband and say "this is why I watch this show" Buuut I could prob. just youtube the videos the next day and save myself the awful hour watching the show...


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