Thursday, October 20, 2011

(Wedding Recap) The Dollar Dance!

Immediately after the Hora we moved into another fun family tradition: the dollar dance (older post on the Polish history of the dollar dance).  It was completely exhausting going from the 25 minute hora to a 15 minute polka, and simultaneously fun. 

See, you pay a dollar to dance with the bride.
And then we use that money for the honeymoon (or to start the couple's life -- same diff).

My mom and sister collected the money for me while the dancers lined up and waited their turns.
My brother-in-law actually knows how to polka and totally whisked me around the dance floor!

My cousin is also amazing.
(so is my whooshing dress in this pic!)

My girl friends, in on the fun!

My dad, rocking the accordion again, with my aunt & uncle.
Because he's also amah-zing.

And of course my niece enjoyed the fun dancing too!

This great tradition really captured my Polish side & allowed me some individual time with friends and relatives.  (I especially loved when cousin Steve brought me a glass of water!)


  1. I can totally appreciate this if it's part of your family's heritage. Around here people just do it to get more money. Totally tacky.

  2. your wedding looked like so much fun! i've heard of the dollar dance..too fun!

  3. How fun!!How much did you make?! :-)

    My husband and I did a money dance and it was kind of a contest who got more :-) ha!!


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