Sunday, October 30, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 10.29.11 Happy Halloween!

Last Halloween, Mike came up with this costume idea but it's really hard to find a dress for a man, last minute.  This year we planned ahead.

And let me just tell you, watching Mike try to put on hose (which unfortunately you don't even see in the pictures!), eyeliner (again, can't see) and lipstick made my night.  But Courtney Love doesn't need perfection.

At first I thought wearing baggy jeans, a sweater, and not doing anything with my hair was *awesome.*  But there's something to be said about dressing up.  It's fun.  However, Kurt Cobain doesn't "dress up."

We headed out to a friend's party, with The Most Interesting Man in the World (or George Clooney?)

No matter what persona you embody, be it a really ugly woman/drag queen/Courtney love or the Brawny Towel guy/lazy person or Kurt Cobain, may you have a fun night!
(what face am I making here?!)


  1. LMAO that is too funny! I love it!
    I tried to get Aaron to be a pregnant housewife and I could be a Marine, but he vetoed it :(

  2. Hahaha! Somehow you both manage to still look adorable. What fun :)


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