Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day After Photoshoot: Downtown Georgetown

Forgive my brevity, I'm only using 9 fingers to type thanks to a silly bread knife injury & trip to Urgent Care on Halloween night.

After returning from our honeymoon, we met up with our fav photog, Leah of Studio Juno.  We intended to finish our hour (honestly 3 hour long) session with a Trash the Dress romp.

First up:  Georgetown cityscape shots

 I love these shots!
Bee Tee Dubs, lovely locks sculpted by David Beck & exquisite make-up crafted by Andrea, both of Salon Rouge.


  1. That last shot is my favorite!! And I hope your fingers are back up to typing in no time!! :)

  2. i really love the shots in the window ledge, where your dress is cascading off.

  3. Oh these are so awesome. The 4th and 5th shot down are so romantic and beautiful. These aren't so much 'trash the dress' as they are 'post wedding fun' shots. And honestly, that dress should be photographed as much as possible. :)

  4. love these!!!

    Sorry about the injury I too have been on the wrong end of a bread knife.


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