Thursday, October 13, 2011

(Wedding Recap) Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances

I cried more dancing with my father than any other time during the wedding. (Sorry husband).  Even though my dad and I only practiced once, about 5 minutes before we took the floor, he managed to swing, twirl and promenade me all over that dance floor. That man can lead (he and my mom ballroom dance <-- cute!).  During the dance he whispered complements to me, telling me how beautiful I looked, how amazing everything came together, and how lucky he was. Cue the waterworks.  We shared a great Father's Day moment right there.

You might recall the emails exchanged between he and I, where I wondered if he could guess my favorite Disney movie song?  and BAM without prompting, he knew what our song would be:
Candle on the Water, by Helen Reedy, from Pete's Dragon.

I'll be your candle on the water
This flame inside of me will grow
Keep holding on you'll make it
Here's my hand so take it

Look for me reaching out to show
As sure as rivers flow
I'll never let you go

I'll never let you go

Mike and his mom danced to Barbra Streisand's If I Could.
If I could
I would try to shield your innocence from time
but the part of life I gave you isn't mine
I've watched you grow
so I could let you go
but I know that I can never cry your tears
but I would
If I could
yes I would
I love that Mike's Grandparents began to dance and are in the back of this shot! So sweet!
What were your father/daughter or mother/son dance songs?

{pictures courtesy Studio Juno}


  1. LOVE the songs you chose! And the pictures are great!

  2. Awesome choices!!

    We didn't do father/daughter or mother/son by my choice. It's a long story, but basically I didn't want to honor my dad that way. I would have rather danced with my step-dad, but knew that would have caused problems, so we just did away with the whole thing.

    Which worked out well cause then we had time for a wedding party dance by Chris Cornell! YAY 90S GRUNGE!! Then a special Groom's Dance to Weird Al's "White and Nerdy!"


    I danced with my dad to Smile by Nat King Cole and Doug danced with his mom to Mamma by Boyz II Men. His mom bawled her eyes out!

  4. AW!!! Love these!!! YOUR dad is so cute!!! :) Ours was 'I Held Her First' by Heartland. My dad picked it out. :)

  5. Sooo guess what? My dad cannot dance at all. I am actually petrified of this moment. But with that said - I will probably cry just as hard. There's just something so special about Daddy dancing with his little girl at her wedding.

    And just so everyone knows: Vicks has THE MOST AMAZING DAD ON THE PLANET. Marty is beyond adorable. I love that man. (not to downplay the awesomeness of your mom though, but this is a dad post)

  6. Oh and you weren't the only one crying when you danced with your dad. I was weeeeeeping. The raw emotion on both of your faces, his being pride, yours being love... it was just so touching. :)


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