Tuesday, October 11, 2011

(Wedding Recap) Yichud & Our First Dance!

After the wedding ceremony it is customary, in Judaism, for the bride and groom to have time to themselves (yichud). They are escorted to the "yichud room" and left alone. We used this time to scarf down food & say "wow" about a million times.  Back in the day, this time together made the marriage official -- if ya' know what I mean. 
These moments of seclusion signify the couple's new status of living together as husband and wife.

Once we had enough to eat and drink I texted our wedding planner, eager to move on to the next moment!  We hoped to mingle with our guests, but had to use the time instead for family photos.  Honestly, this became my least favorite part.  We spent time prior to the ceremony taking some family shots, but didn't finish.  At this point I simply wanted to dance and celebrate with my friends.  I love my family but that flash bulb drove me crazy.... (and of course, I was in every picture).

Once the necessary family portraits finish the cocktail hour time sadly passed.  Next up: Our First Dance!
Mike & I long debated over which song to use for this moment. I wanted something timeless, that might play in the grocery store one day and make us remember back to that day.  He wanted something lively and fun.  We finally decided on one song, and then promptly changed it 3 days later to our final decision. 

We chose the Beatles, I Will

I absolutely love this shot!
(Also, do you see the little glimmer of white in the background that is my niece, the flower girl? adorbs.)

{all photos by Studio Juno}


  1. EXCELLENT choice!! I love when people choose something that isn't a typical wedding song! If I hear "I Swear" at one more wedding, I swear (pun intended) imma slap someone. Or do something less violent.

  2. Perfect song for you two! The pictures of your dance turned out great! I love the tradition of having a few minutes to yourselves after the ceremony. Even if it's not in the traditional sense... wink wink. haha

  3. Beautiful pictures and a great song choice! xxx


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