Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Bling

I mean, the ring...

Interesting little story here.  Did you expect any less?
So Mike and I both get our hairs-cut  at VSL Salon in Dupont.  A colleague recommended David to me and my hair has never seen a bad cut.  He does amazing things with my hair, knows it and me so well.  David, my stylist of 5 years, has graciously agreed to do my hair for TBD (The Big Day). But I digress.  Mike sees Eve, who happens to be David's BFF!  The two are inseparable as far as stylist and friends go, and Mike and I are so lucky to call them 'ours.'
Eve recently got engaged too!  As I understand it, Eve had a big say in the her ring and found her rock at a locally owned/operated store.  She told Mike of this place, gave him a name to drop, and they had some good quality haircutting-conversations leading up to Mike's purchase.  A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Eve for her guidance to Mike.  Because of her, I have this:

Is it tacky to mention that my Dharma is bigger than a carat?   Because she is.  And yes, you read that right.  I named my diamond.  Dharma the non-materialistic diamond.
 I luuuurrve her.
And you bet she's insured!

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  1. I must give a shout out here to Kathryn DiBitetto for coming with me to the jeweler as moral support and to help me pick it out. Could not have done it without her.

  2. You rock, Mike. My first ring was a pawn shop deal. :o) This ring is AWESOME.


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