Thursday, March 18, 2010

Decatur House, revisited

After visiting The Arts Club and deciding the house's layout leaved a lot to be desired, we sped over to The Decatur House to check it out again.  You may recall my earlier post about the Decatur House, where we were not entirely in love with the back-and-forth idea of ceremony outside, cocktails inside, and dinner/dancing back outside.  Well The Arts Club makes that arrangement seem like a cake-walk!  Concerned they closed soon, we rushed in and announced that we must see the place again, this time without an open bar and cake samples.  The lady at the desk looked at us and said "sure."  They stay open until 4 for need to rush, but somehow we needed  to see Decatur House again.  It HAD to be better than The Arts Club!
It was, or rather, is a better deal than the broken up, multi-level historic house aforementioned. 

So here's a picture montage of the venue for your viewing pleasure.  While we were very excited about this place after seeing it again, the tent rental is the main drawback.  Sugar Plum Tent Company has the exclusive rights as the tent vendor for Decatur House, which is great because of the discount.  Did you know that tent rentals are ridiculously expensive?  And did you know that if you want the poles covered, or tent lined with pretty poofy stuff, or sparkly lights added - it costs a pretty penny, to boot?
While the rental cost of the actual space is reasonable, the required addition of the tent is $3,000.  Put together, Decatur House will cost the same to rent as The Women's Museum.    The Women's Museum holds more of my heart than The Decatur House.
Decatur House, you're a beauty, but you're out.


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