Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My dream dress!

Mike, stop reading.
Even though I know you will not fully comprehend what I'm writing about (I'm not trying to downplay your intelligence - wait, Mike are you still reading this? Seriously. Turn away - I want to surprise you on TBD)

We may not have a venue, or even a date, but I know what I want in a dress and I found her!
I love fit-n-flare, love lace, love embroidery, love silk organza - and that is everything in Dylan.  I'm not one to spend hours making a decision, so it is very fitting that it only took me 5 stores to find My Dress.
When my sister, Marlo, visited we (with Kathryn and Diana) went to Hitched and Carine's in Georgetown, which all put me in dresses over my price point.  While this was a huge tease, it did also help me to see what works and what doesn't.  Ruching is hugely forgiving and flattering, lace is elegant but overpowering at times, and true-white brings out the blue tones in my skin and makes me look pasty.  From there we tried Priscilla's of Boston and David's Bridal.  At David's my sister forced me try on a poufy dress that make me look like a duck. It was horrible and funny all at the same time.  However the quality in David's fabrics leave a lot to be desired after looking at so many designer dresses.  Priscilla's of Boston had  my heart and just 3 days later I was back at their sample sale trying on every dress in the sale.
My bridesmaid Diana came, along with my work-wife, Julia. Diana picked out great dresses (and dresses that were a reach, but still good to try) while Julia helped me in and out of dress-poufiness.  Ladies, if you ever find yourself at a sample sale be prepared with the proper bra.  I'll spare you my bra-craziness.  I tried on Dylan first and liked her immediately but with 50 other dresses on sale, why stop there?  We kept going and trying and modeling and loosing my bra... then I saw a dress in my pile with eye-lit embroidery on silk organza, with a drop waist and huge potential. I squealed, "Oh, what about that one?! Have I tried that one yet?"  Turns out that was Dylan, the first dress I already tried.  I was admiring her on the hanger, which says a lot for some wedding dresses, and put her on again.  We took pictures and emailed them to my sister.  While waiting for a response we tried on other dresses. None compared to the unique quality of Dylan, which meets every detail I want in a dress.  I put on Dylan again and the consultant gave me a mesh face veil - perfect!  When I called my mom to tell her, I was nervous she might tell me not to buy it, since we never tried on dresses together.   We emailed her pictures and she loved it too.  At 75% off the discounted price, how could I go wrong?
As a sample Dylan needs minor work:  three buttons to replace (or move others around), a small snag which should relax with pressing/cleaning, a small tear in the small train (which can easily become another embroidered eye-lit), and the bow.  Good-lord the bow.  It's a saggy, ugly mess.  Not to mention it's a BOW.  I don't do bows.  I instead envision a feather and mesh accent with a black or navy rhinestone/gem center and a headpiece to match.  I plan on finding a seamstress that specializes in wedding dresses (already have one recommended and the name of the costume designer for The Kennedy Center in waiting too).  To cover my shoulders during the ceremony I envision a lace shrug -- all very vintage and elegant.
So, I've got my wedding dress!  How surreal!  Now Mike and I can elope in style... just kidding!
(no pictures, in-case Mike does read this...which he SHOULD NOT!)

Only ONE WEEK LEFT to get into the top 50 -- we're not far away.
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