Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I want from a wedding...

Many people ask me what I want our big day to look like, and I honestly have no major desires, aside from friends, family and a good times.  However if you want me to get down to the nitty-gritty here are random thoughts of what I think is nice:
*a fun feel, nothing too fancy (but it's a wedding so no shorts or jeans, please!)
*definitely not black tie (prob no tuxes, more like suits for the guys)
*nothing stuffy or uppity because that's not who we are, we are relaxed
*no color scheme yet, but leaning towards: brown/turquoise or shades of purple
*I want blue shoes for my something blue
*If we can accent the wedding with a vintage vibe, that would be cool
*my flower girl (niece) might wear a tu-tu
*fish & fishbowls would make a fun centerpiece, with a few flowers around them
*I could care less what chairs or silverware  are used/look like
*Mike wants a band, I am leaning towards a DJ but am cool with the idea of a band
*the photographer is very important to me and is budgeted accordingly
*we don't have a huge budget, but considering DC is one of the most expensive places to get married, our budget is on the medium-high end for other places (just medium for DC)
*I'd like to have matchboxes with our names on them b/c I like taking them from others' weddings :)
*I want a chocolate cakes because that is my all-time favorite dessert
*the cake will have white icing still
*I have no idea about flowers, but I like daisies and peonies
*Paper lanterns make nice decorations
*a V-neckline with empire waist style of dress is flattering on all body types and one of my favorite styles, so I am leaning towards that for the girls, but am not opposed to having them all wear different styles at their comfort levels
*my girls (bridesmaids) will wear knee length dresses
*we will have a rehearsal & rehearsal dinner the night before
*the bachelor/bachelorette party will both be in DC and NOT immediately preceding the wedding

We need over 650 votes to move on to the next round for the $100K wedding.  Only one week left!
VOTE FOR US, and pass it on, please!!!


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