Friday, March 19, 2010


Last night Mike and I watched the Pixar flic Up.  Maybe this seemingly long week (on the brink of spring break) intensified my need for couch-time, or perhaps this head-cold brought out extra sappy emotions, or as the case may be Up just makes you cry.  I recall four separate times I cried.  Once I even full on, let go, cathartic-ally wept.  (I'll let Mike defend the few drops of moisture that crept out the crevice of his eyes.)
I struggle with the thought of older folks being alone, or even feeling alone.  Hell, I'm lying if I deny that personal loneliness scares me.  The first ten minutes of the film build up such strong character bonds between the couple, that when {SPOILER ALERT} Ellie dies, I found myself a mess.  When Shady Oaks came for Carl I felt so helpless for him, and surprise, cried.  Oddly, Russell expressing his desire for more attention from his dad (was his dad dead?) caused me to well up again.  Then towards the end when Carl finally lets the house go to stand simply as a structure, and not a vessel for memories, tears gushed from deep inside.
Mike turned to me, held me and so sweetly said, "I'm excited to grow old with you."  More tears.
The Beatles song "When I'm 64" came to mind and I sang a little bit, through tissue blown sobs.
I'm excited for our adventures as we embark on the rest of our lives together, but I'm never watching Up again unless I want to bawl.  It's going on my mental bookshelf next to The Story of Us and Stepmom (the movies I never watch again but enjoy just because they caused me to emote in some strong way).
Time for some Annie Hall.

"Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be"
-Robert Browning

Oh, we still want to win that dream wedding, but need about 150 more VOTES!


  1. I had a conversation about Up today with my coworkers. It went something like this: "I love Pixar, I thought I'd love Up. But after the first 12 minutes, me, Vince, and our friend Tim were full-on, 100% SOBBING together. Grown adults, weeping like someone beat us up on the playground."

    But I totally understand your sentiment. After that movie, Vince and I just hugged and held eachother and vowed to be one another's favorite adventure for the rest of our evers.

    And I will also never watch it again. Soooo if you know anyone who might want a copy, we went all out and bought it on BlueRay, special 4 disc edition because we usually love Pixar films, but that one left us scared. Just sayin'. :)


  2. Yes, totally chica! Although I am interested in seeing the added bonus thingies on the DVD. Anything good, or only more cry-fest material?


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