Wednesday, April 28, 2010

to confront or not to confront...

...that is the question.

I would go so far as to label myself somewhat easy-going, to a fault.  There are times I really want to say something, but hold back.  Most often this is due to my astrological sign: Libra.  I like things to be equal, fair, and even keel; to upset the balance throws me off.  Most of the time I just hang low and let things pass.  I really dislike confrontation because it stirs things up and partially because it requires me to put all my eggs in a basket and hope I win.  I also don't like loosing.

But when something irks my tater so much to the point of tears, nausea, and supreme-pissiness, I have to find it in myself to help myself.

At this point I think I have to say something, no?
Because I'm a big girl and can be trusted to make good decisions.
AND I'm the one wearing the white dress.

Biting my tongue hurts.
(excuse the cliche overload)


  1. Visiting from SITS!

    It's your day, you and your husband have the right to have things the way you want and if someone doesn't like it well too damn bad! It's crap like that that results in my getting married in Vegas with a small group of family and friends.

    BTW, my daughter has the same name as you :)

  2. Not quite sure what this was about, but I sure hear it! Yesterday we finally told for sure his mom that we were going to get married and that we had a date. (she knew we wanted to, and actually told us that we should go for a courthouse, because her past "big weddings" have always failed. But we aren't scared, and want a small public ceremony)

    Anyways Logan told her who he wanted as grooms men, and she got mad we didn't have his brother on that list! Mind you this brother has held a sword across my neck... The eldest brother is whom we want to be our Officiant though


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