Monday, August 16, 2010

Something Old

While visiting my sister in Texas, we went through her wedding keepsakes.  I loved seeing what she chose to remember her special day.  Among those items was the handkerchief my mom carried with her on her wedding day.  My sister used this item as her "something old."

I decided to do the same and make it my "something old."  I feel this is a really special idea, and hope that my nieces and future daughters (?) will also be able to use it. 

There's a small brown stain on it.  It looks like a wine glass rested on it and left a ring, or maybe mascara?

I set out to remove the stain and return it to original condition.  I wondered if this is how archeologists feel... not that I'm calling my mom old... OK I'm stopping there.
The fabric is delicate (and about 45 years old) so I treated it with care.  First I soaked it in Woolite for about an hour.  No luck.  Then I put stain remover on the spots and let it soak for another hour with baking soda.  Nothing.
I got brave.  With fresh, warm water in the sink I dropped in a tablespoon of bleach and promised myself to not let it sit long.
Well two hours later (I blame the internet) I jumped out of my chair and ran to the bathroom cursing along the way. I was sure I had ruined it, expecting to find holey bits of fabric floating amongst nothingness.

I was wrong, thankfully.
(Mom you can breathe again now)

The handkerchief is fine, and stain free!

Now, I do not recommend doing this to anything you care deeply about.  The risk does not outweigh the possible outcome.  I got lucky.

Oh so beeee-u-ti-ful!
Now to keep it away from red wine on my big day!

What was/will be your "something old" ?


  1. Wow that's not a handkerchief, that's a lot of lace with a bit of cloth holding it all together! It's really too beautiful to be considered for wiping away tears or any other facial residue. And I can totally see why you would want it to be your something old.

    Where you will put it? How will it remain on your person during the ceremony? Did someone make it or do you know where it originated from? And does anyone know where the stain came from....?

    I know what my "something old" will be should the day ever come. First, you know my obsession with handbags. Second, when I was really little my Polish grandma gave me a handbag that was, and still is, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It's a small ivory silk bag completely covered in white and silver beads. It has a silver chain, and inside the tag reads "Handmade in West Germany." Her sister had bought it to attend a wedding in the 1930's and she got it from her in the 40's, kept it, and gave it to me. Maybe one day I'll blog about it. I imagine it going dress-shopping with me, because whatever I wear, one day, must match it. :)

  2. My something old was two of my grandmother's vintage rings.

    When my sister & I were little, she'd always let us play in her costume jewelry, powders, and perfumes. I remember seeing the rings I wore, but because they weren't costume pieces, they were off limits. I hadn't even thought about them again until my mom mentioned that she'd seen a photo in some magazine where the bride wore dainty little vintage rings. She said my grandmother had some that I might want to wear. I was ecstatic. Since I lost my grandmother in college, and had lost all the rest of the grandparents too, it was a lovely way for me to feel as though I had them with me on my special day. And I did. :)

    Love your handkerchief, Vicki. What a beautiful token to carry with you. As far as attaching it, ask your florist if they can work it into your bouquet or use it to decorate the bouquet wrap. Lovely!

  3. That is beautiful!

    My something old was the tiniest little gold ring you could ever imagine. It was Clint's grandmother's baby ring. They tied it with some ribbon to my bouquet & then it officially became mine (well Madison's) at my baby shower.

  4. I'm going to be honest, I really didn't do that whole thing. I didn't even know that people actually really did do it until my mom started asking me what my something borrowed and something blue and all that stuff would be. WOOPSIE!

  5. My something old was my husband: he's 12 years older than me! haha
    Beautiful handkershief. Good work getting that stain out!

  6. glad it all worked out and didn't get ruined.
    it's a beautiful item
    stopping by from SITS


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