Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pretty Pearls

When my friend and bridesmaid, Kathryn, visited China recently I asked her pick up four pearl necklaces.  Since China is known for its pearls, she purchased these necklaces for $20 total. Wowsers, eh?
I knew I wanted her to buy these to then gift to my bridesmaids (even though she is one of them).

Then it came time to think about my necklace.  With the shape of my dress (nuh uh! not telling!) I knew my necklace needed to be simple but with... oh nevermind. It's too hard to explain.
However I found a wonderful pearl necklace on Etsy (duh, of course) that really spoke to me.  The seller is from China and ships for free (amazing!).  She also has great reviews (600 positive) so I figured why not take a chance.  If this necklace doesn't work out with my dress, I'll wear it on any other fancy day!

Here's a lovely picture of my necklace:

I'm excited. Hopefully it will arrive before my next dress fitting!

Are you a fan of pearls?
What else can I gift my bmaids?!


  1. Oh dude I LOVE pearls. I have my grandmother's pearls, I have pearls she gave me for my 16th birthday, I have good fakes to wear out and not care about, I have a pearl pendant from Majorca (also known for pearls).

    In other words: I support this decision more than you know or I could ever explain. I have all fingers crossed that this will look fantastic with your dress. It's exactly what you should wear on your wedding day.

    And gift to your girls? PERFECT. Classic. Timeless. A jewelry staple that no girl should go without. And to have the memory of your wedding associated with? Even better. :)


  2. I think pearls are very charming and so classy:) That necklace look beautiful and I bet it will look amazing with your dress
    Hugs and kisses, darling

    ps: I am hosting a sweet necklace GIVEAWAY, later today :) ... Please, join in!

  3. Oh! Pretty. Can you keep a secret? I'm gifting my bmaids handknit colourwork mittens and if there's time hats to match. I started them last night and I can't WAIT to go home and keep going they are so fun! It might just kill me not to tell them before they get them.
    That said, I like the idea of something really thoughtful that they can use for a really long time. I agree with Diana pearls definitely fit the bill.
    For other ideas... can you accessorize them for the day with something fun they can use again and think of you - I recently searched orange clutch purse on Etsy and nearly died at all the cute possibilities.
    If all goes according to plan, that is I finish everything in plenty of time. I'm planning something knit for everyone in our party from me, and another gift from the Boy. I'm thinking clutches for the girls and whatever he wants to do for the boys!

  4. I love pearls. I wore a simple pearl necklace on my wedding day as well. They are so classy, timeless, and well just plain pretty.

    I gave my bridesmaids engraved compact mirrors as part of their gift they all loved them and carry them in their purses or makeup bags.

  5. Oh! What's the Etsy seller's shop name? The neckline of my dress is all wrong for a necklace, but I was thinking of wearing pearl bracelets.

    My MIL wants me to get my ears pierced so I can wear pearl earrings but no way am I going through THAT trauma. Oh and my matron of honor is getting a spa day as her present. As a mother of four, I figured the best present she could receive is free childcare provided by me while she escapes for a few hours of relaxation. :-)

  6. Pearls are classy and elegant! Yours is so pretty! Can't wait to see it all together!

  7. Oh your photography skills really make those pearls look fabulous! I almost forgot about them, its been so long. I guess it won't be a surprise to the girls! haha. I LOVE the pearls you chose for yourself. Absolutely stunning, and classic! :)

  8. Yes I do love pearls. I especially love my grandmother's pearls that I was supposed to be wearing for my wedding but wont' be because I am fighting with a family member. I'm not mad at her or anything but I made a joke saying whoo hoo I am marrying matt and now i can sit on my butt and not work and so she thinks i am not getting married for the right reasons. And so she refuses to loan me the pearls. I hurt reading this as this family issues is relatively new, but I really do love your pearls. can I have the Etsy? They would kind of work with my dress...

  9. Oh pretty pearls!! This will make a perfect bridesmaid gift! I really love the kind of gifts that they can use that day and from then on! And your necklace looks lovely!! You'll have to let us know how it goes with your dress!!!
    Other BM gift ideas... Anything personalized! Everybody loves their own name... Can't go wrong there!

  10. But don't get them Tiffany's key chains. You know how many keys I carry so a dinky little ring wouldn't work no matter how hard I tried. It was a nice thought but we will add it to the sister category.

  11. I love these, Vikki!!! As I child I grew up wishing that my birthstone was bright and shiny like all the others, but now I love the simplicity of pearls. Beautiful. :)

  12. Hey, forgot to mention...I highly recommend having multiple "styles" of the jewelry type you like to take with you to try on with your dress fitting. I had a few different pearl necklaces and earrings so I could see what looked best. Some were simple and some were more detailed. I actually ended up not choosing the one I originally thought would look best. I also took about 10 different pairs of shoes and three pashminas in different colors. I used the fitting when my dress would be hemmed to decide on accessories. The people at the shop thought I was hysterical! Oh, and word of caution...if you do get multiples of things to try on with the dress, make sure you can return (most of) them!


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