Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wedding Cake Inspiration

In about two weeks we meet with our caterer again to finalize our menu! To be determined are hors d' oeuvres, our vegetarian entree, and most importantly THE CAKE!

I scoured the internet for cakes I love.
And boy, are there a LOT of pretty cakes out there. Here are some of my favs:

Credit due: (from left to right)
Top row:  The Cake List, Wedding Cakes by Jim SmealCake Central
Middle: The Icing on the Cake, Unknown Artist, Pastry Girl Cakes
Bottom: Unknown Artist, Wedding Cake Pictures, My Friend's Wedding!

If you can't tell, I'm in love with the clean lines of square cakes with simple horizontal lines.   I also enjoy the disproportionate sizes, when one layer is much larger than another.
Cakes are so pretty, and yummy!

What did your cake look and taste like? Or what do you envision it to look like?!


  1. They're all so pretty!

    Ours is a mad-hatter shaped cake with a beach theme. Two different flavors of raspberry lemonade and then carrot rum cake. So delicious!

  2. Good choices!

    Ours is a round, three layers, and covered in fondant. We liked the clean look of it. We'll have a ribbon around the bottom of each layer and swiss dots all over, then decorated with fresh flowers. We have three flavors - red velvet, chocolate raspberry, and almond with chocolate filling! I'm so excited to eat it!

  3. Our cake is identical to the Cake Central Cake with a couple chocolate seashells. On top we are doing a big red F (which was surprisingly hard not to find a bedazzled F lol). Butter cake (which is way tastier than it sounds) and Bavarian chocolate filling with butter cream frosting.

    Dang I'm hungry!

  4. Being a HUGE fan of pink, I cannot staring at the last photo haha. I am sure your cake will be absolutely stunning!

  5. one thing i wished we had done differently was to have a bit of color or real flowers on our cake! i went with a gorgeous and delicious amaretto pound cake ALL IN WHITE. It was 5 tiers (the bottom two layers were "dummy" layers fully decorated but styrofoam for height only) with buttercream icing with beautiful scroll work and fondant flowers arranged here and there. photos failed to capture the white-on-white beauty, although in person it was stunning.

  6. I think the first one is my fave! Ours was simple, three tiered, round cake with aqua ribbon around the base of each tier and green orchids on top. It was beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous, elegant choices! Back in the days when I was doing cakes I saved clippings of cakes from all the wedding magazines in an album to share with my clients for inspiration and ideas. The cake on the bottom, in the middle of your collage was one of my favorite understated cakes. You've have terrific style, and undoubtedly will have an incredible, beautiful, and memorable wedding. Best wishes!

    Thank you so much or visiting on my SITS day!

  8. I love the square layers also! You could do a square cake with the peacock detail like that middle one to match your them?? Great ideas!!!

  9. I like the middle one and the one on the bottom left. I'm hoping to have our cake tasting this weekend, which means I need to pull together a "cake" inspiration board myself..and fast!

  10. Pretty! I really like the blue one in the bottom middle. I'm thinking something really simple for mine. Maybe some pretty flowers (daisies, of course) on it. :)

    The more I read your blog, the more ready I am to start planning my own wedding already! :D

    xo! Ash

  11. Ours was pretty traditional - cream with roses. It was red velvet and tasted AMAZING.

  12. I really like those cakes you chose...The one with peacock feathers is just stunning
    Hugs and kisses, darling


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