Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ketuba Inspiration

A Ketuba is a Jewish marriage contract, or even prenuptial agreement, from the root "to write." Back in the olden days of sheep and cow trading, there were certain amounts that were rendered for virgins versus widows or even divorcees, if the marriage should fail. All this legal mumbo-jumbo (although very important!) was spelled out in Aramaic, the vernacular in Talmudic times, and both parties signed.

Now-a-days, marriage contracts are a matter of secular civil law, however the Ketuba is still regarded highly as an important tradition in which bride and groom promise themselves to each other, and still covers what will happen in the event the marriage fails. (Which won't happen to Mike and I because his life is on the line if anything happens.) (maybe I shouldn't put that in writing...)

But they are gorgeous, stunning, amazing works of art.
They make a great addition to any wall.
We need to purchase one soon, as they are personalized and customized to your needs.

Here are a few I'm drooling over...


Which one is your favorite?
If you had a Ketuba at your wedding, where did you purchase it from?


  1. There's just something so beautiful and special about the two different tree choices. They are both different, but so very gorgeous. Can't seem to pick a favorite between those, so I'm going to just say the tree one(s). LOL

  2. Love them all! My fav is Chamsa II by Nava Shoham on We got ours from MP Artworks ( for our actual one. We got it matted and framed shortly after the honeymoon and it was on our walls about 2 years before any wedding photos made it up! Good luck making a decision. :)

  3. I really like the two tree ones too... Especially the bottom one! Thanks for the Ketubah education! I didn't know what they were until this!

  4. wow I had no idea that they were actually works of art. I thought it was just ... well a contract. I am syunned!!1 They can be truly gorgeous!!!!

  5. My sister's etsy site Geezees Custom Canvas makes personalized handmade Ketubah's, check it out!

  6. For Sara and Dan's wedding they had a lovely Ketubah but I already shared that site. Before the wedding I gave Dan a stuffed sheep, and camel (maybe others, I forget) to symbolize the exchange of animals.

  7. I like the second tree one the best :-)


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