Monday, May 2, 2011

RSVP Organization!

Sending out & subsequently receiving 120 of anything requires a tad-bit of organization.  When the RSVP cards first came in we simply threw them into "yes" or "no" piles, which was organized enough at the time.  Then it dawned on us that beyond yes/no it breaks down further into their entree choice.  Even beyond that we need to record names.

And so, yet another spreadsheet was born.
This one with three tabs.

Invitees is merely the original invite list but color coded by responses: red for regrets, green for yes.

Headcount and Meals takes all the green/yes responses from the first tab and next to their corresponding number (we'll get to that) marks their entree choice.  It also includes names.

The Count breaks down how many yes and no cards received, how many are still lurking about, and goes even further to show how many people reported yes or no.  This is because some invitations went to house where two or more people were invited.  Some invites went solo.  It is the mighty head-count and card-count.

Once we tear open the purple envelopes they go into a giant pile.

Then from that pile they go into the "yes" or "no" bag.

But not so fast, first they are entered into the spreadsheet by number.
On the back of each card on the upper-right we wrote in pencil the number next to the guest on the spreadsheet. 

This helps immensely when you receive cards with no names on them.  And yes it happened once (but obviously not the one pictured above).

My favorite part about the RSVP cards is when the guest takes a moment to write a message on the back (like the one pictured above), or anywhere on it!

 So. much. fun!

(Now please send in your RSVP cards if you have yet to do so!)


  1. Wa--hooooooo!!! LOL Love that my card made the blog! can you tell i am excited?

    So here's what I am wondering... obviously you worked very hard to keep these RSVPs organized. What are your thoughts on an electronic invitation system? Attendees can just go online, click yes or no, and the work is done for you? Are electronic invites going to become mainstream soon (aka by the time i get married)? Or are they not formal enough?

  2. very organized! we kept track of our rsvp's in an online google document. That way both of us could access it anytime, anywhere!


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