Monday, May 9, 2011

Hair & Makeup Trial

What could be better than someone playing with your hair, doing your makeup and making you look gorgeous?!

I had the honor of meeting with Brie Cafferty for such an experience.  She will be doing my hair and makeup for the big day.  After a few email exchanges (well more like me emailing her tons, stuffing her inbox with pictures of celebrity hair, and then scaring her with my spray tan news) she had an idea of what I wanted.

In my hair inspiration post I debated between hair up and hair down.  Hot, sweaty, nasty June in DC basically decided that one for me.  Brie only needed to hear (and subsequently click on 50 links I sent her) my idea and she took off, creating exactly what I envisioned for the big day. 

As for makeup, she gauged my take on natural vs. plastered, asked if I was scared of makeup (totally not), and went from there.  We decided on a dark wine/violet lip color, too. swoon!
I felt so pretty, and it was perfect for that night's bachelorette festivities!

(without flash)

 (with flash)

Aside from looking & feeling so beautiful, the best part of having my hair and makeup done before my bachelorette party was taking it for a test run! 

 Even with the 20-some-odd bobbypins holding everything in place, some stray hairs escaped.  So a few details will be changed, but overall it was great!  Just add one white dress and veil!

Peeeee ESsssss: if you didn't already, be sure to check out yesterday's Steppin' Out Saturday post for pictures of me all dressed, glammed, and ready for a night on the town with mah girls!


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