Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seven Years, good luck!

I vividly remember the day I first saw Mike with a glimmer of attraction.  I remember where he was, where I was, and the entire feeling of a normal a Saturday morning.

Late in spring, the Florida air already warmed in anticipation for summer.  I rose before the rest of the house and accidentally woke Mike, sleeping on the couch.  He was that friend, who spent more time at a friend's house than his own. (sidenote: This is in part because he observed Shabbat strictly in college and once settled at a location after the sun set, he stayed there, not driving or spending money until the sun set again.)

Looking back, it's funny that he happened to wake up, since I now know him to be the world's heaviest sleeper.
I swear we're in trouble when we have kids.  I digress.

Everything about the day made it appear normal, but I honestly felt the need to be closer to Mike.  I wanted to get to know everything about him.  My heart jumped and my head followed.

Had someone told me those fleeting moments would define my lifetime, that he was the man I would marry 7+ years from then?  I might have laughed, but a part of me would have jumped for joy, because from that moment I fell hard and fast for Michael William.
The rest, they say, is history.

Today we celebrate seven years together.
In six weeks time we celebrate our marriage.
For a lifetime, we celebrate our love for each other.

 vintage Mike & Vicki, circa late 2004


  1. His hair!!! Hahaha.
    I'm not laughing at you, but rather with you. An ex of my kind of had hair like that when we were dating. Silly, silly.

  2. awwwwww great post!!! 6 weeks!!! almost there.

  3. So sweet! Here's to many more years to come!!


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