Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding Dreams

They've started.  Call them nightmares, call them hypothetical theories played out in dream-state, or simply dreams: the wedding dreams began.

And because they are mostly entertaining, I share with you what my subconscious is freaking out about. (Note: In my waking hours, I honestly feel like everything is under control and am not spazzing out in the slightest way.  At least my brain waits until I am asleep to entertain extreme scenarios!) 

The Pink Dream
The color pink works for some, just not for me. Ever.
Never in a million years would I choose it for myself.  So when I awoke from a dream where Mike tried to "help" by planning the entire wedding in PINK, you can see why I was unnecessarily mad at him for an hour or so.  (Everything was pink!)

The Bad-Flowers Dream
In short, this was around the time when I dragged my heels and played phone tag with our florist. We needed to sign a contract and pay the deposit.  That dream consisted of my flower girl carrying a bouquet of sugar snap peas tied with a giant red ribbon.  There is no red in our wedding colors.  The flowers looked awful and my niece was eating her bouquet.  In real life, I called our florist immediately the next day and sent in our deposit.  No veggies walking down our aisle!

The Poor Timing Dream
As we iron out the details in our time-line, apparently I stored some worries away for this dream. The other day in my dream we simply forgot to show up for bridal portraits.  The time slipped away and poof, pictures were gone.  There were complications from the photographer, who took a family photo session during that time, too.  Obviously this will not happen on the real day, as we have our photog from 2-10 and will show up for pictures!

Have you had any funny dreams lately?!


  1. hehe . . those are great! I can't remember if I had any "wedding dreams" before I got married!

  2. hahaha sugar snap peas.... hilarious!

  3. I had HORRIBLE wedding dreams! Most revolved around my dad screwing everything up and having shouting matches during the ceremony.

    I'll promise you this: You won't have any bad nightmares the night before your wedding ... mostly because you won't sleep :)

  4. I've had some weird dreams in general lately... But I think that's the stress of pulling together the wedding and moving. But no wedding specific as of late. I have had a few awhile back where things just weren't turning out the way I wanted... But it's AWESOME that your dreams make you act! ;) Good work!

  5. I keep having pregnant dreams. Too many pregnant ladies in my life.

  6. Can definitely say I've not had any yet but there is still 3 months to go yet!


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