Friday, June 24, 2011

Come Here Often?

While Mike and I are away celebrating our marriage, some lovely readers offered to guest post for me!  First up is Meaghan from The Twenties Roar.  She's planning her September wedding, so now that my journey is at the end (or the beginning?!) you can follow along with her plans!  She's a fun, sweet, lady with a handsome man ("The Boy") by her side.  And she is gracing us with the story of how they met...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She went out with her house-mates in her 2nd year at University for a night at the local bar.  After waiting in line they finally got in, and easily found a table - curse those fake lines! Just an ordinary night, out chatting and dancing with friends.
He went out to the bar "he made popular" with a bunch of friends. After enjoying a couple of pops, he informed his friends to "watch this."

She looked up and saw a very tall boy leaning against the back of the booth she and her friends were sitting at.  Intrigued by his height she tried to listen to what he had to say, but didn't really hear him so smiled instead.

Meanwhile, he pulled out his best material - "Oh sorry, I thought this was my table." Not having heard him she simply smiled - he sat down.
The next thing she knew this tall boy was sitting beside her.  Pulling out more ace material "Do you come here often?"
She laughed in his face. "Did you just say 'come here often?'

Slightly flustered he replied, "Yes, but not like that. I just meant do you come here?"
He introduced her to his friends, "This is bean! As in jelly-bean"
She laughed at his inability to remember her name and his quick thinking... tall and funny.  Intriguing.

They danced the night away. And she gave him her number, along with her name.
She thought, "He probably won't call... but look how TALL he is!"

Seven years later, he became known as The Boy.
Eleven days shy of nine years after they met, they’re walking down the aisle:  September 10, 2011.


  1. How fun! I have a tall boy too! :) The taller the better!

  2. Thanks for the guest spot Vicki! I feel like I'm famous! Hope you're enjoying a wonderfully deserved blissful honeymoon and can't wait to see all the picture and hear all the advice when you get back


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