Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nerdy 30 Birthday Party!

I first saw the Nerdy Thirty birthday theme over on Harper's Happenings, and put it in my back pocket.  While Flirty Thirty and Dirty Thirty are fun, I wanted something more unique.

Marisa of Mad Design created my custom invitations.  I wanted more a hipster nerdy approach, and Marisa totally worked with me until we had the perfect invite, complete with hot pink envelopes. Love!

 As I mentioned before, we rented a private space, the upstairs loft of a favorite bar.  This allowed us our space meanwhile still being a part of the bar.

I decorated with custom birthday banner and cupcake toppers from 10 Candles Party Shoppee:

We can't forget the dinosaurs, which were a HUGE hit. (oddly)
Add some special robot & birthday cake shaped confetti (from Creating Your Memories), "nerdy" glasses from Ebay, Pop Rocks, wind up robot toys, & rainbow unicorn napkins and voila:

This was more of a throwback to the 80's and my childhood than it was a truly nerdy party.   But maybe my childhood was nerdy.  Or perhaps it's nerdy to like these things. or hipster. which is quasi-nerdy.

At any rate, a good time was had by all:

  So Vicki, what are you going to do now that you're 30?

Never stop having fun!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 9.24.11 - my 30th birthday!

This Steppin' Out post earns the especially awesome award because it showcase my Nerdy 30 birthday party!  Sept 24 is the actual big day, perfect for a huge shin-dig celebrating 30 years of my life!

We rented the loft space in a favorite bar, complete with our own bar, bartender, and bouncer.  Super sweet! Even better, we wandered/stumbled down to the main dance floor any time we felt like mingling with the commoners (ha!) and then escaped back up to our space to sit, chill, and hang with our friends.

I only wore my super glittery pumps for about an hour before switching to another pair of glittery flats.  Best. Idea. Ever.

The "dork glasses" purchased from Ebay turned out to be a huge hit.  There were other party favors like wind-up robots and plastic dinosaurs.  I promise to write the next post including all the deets, cuz I'm darn proud of this party!

Clearly, we had a blast.

My take on turning 30?  

not bad, 
not bad at all...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Birthday love!

For someone who feared the big 3-0 months ago, I have nothing but happiness in my heart today!  From my husband's treat of a trip to NYC complete with the most fabulous present ever, to my friends & family showering me with love and presents, this kick ass blog post by a bestie, and my class of twenty-two 7 year-olds singing me the birthday song (along with counting "Are you 1? Are you 2?" ...all the way to 30!), I am complete.

Birthdays are a huge deal to me, if you didn't know already. They are your own personal holiday.  You deserve nothing but attention and awesomeness to the max.  I might be guilty of searching that out, at times, to cope with the fear of turning older.  But this year, aside from planning my party (what?), I just let things happen.
And happen they did!

Tonight we celebrate:

It's been on heck of a year, and I can't wait to see what this decade holds!

PS: fabulous invite by Mad Design!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I recall when using/wearing matching Bath & Body works shower gel, lotion, and body spray defined my beauty needs.   For some reason, the importance of matching scented products ruled my (seemingly shallow) life.

Now I find the need to use pricier hair products that allow my color to continue to shine, since I paid a pretty penny for these highlights.  I find volumizing powders and dry shampoo along with other items which total $75, with free shipping, of course, a requirement.  Clinique makeup will only do for my sensitive skin & Essie and OPI nail polishes are a favorite.  I also enjoy a good mani/pedi from time to time, but who doesn't?

These high-end beauty products somehow crept into my life before I knew what they were doing to my credit card statements.  Not to say I'm in debt to beauty, but for a girl whose primary needs ranged from scent uniformity to now needing Sephora on speed dial?  I can't help but wonder when this happened.

As if calling attention to my salary output isn't enough, I also notice a more savvy approach to the paycheck input. I see life insurance and my retirement fund as line items on my bank statement.  I recently asked a friend for investment advice and love ING online banking for its higher interest rate.  My Costco executive membership earns me 2% back on all purchases there, when bulk purchasing saves a dime or simply saves me time.  Oh and that membership finds me the best car insurance & coverage for my husband and me.  We squirrel away funds for a larger down payment down the line and entertain the idea of traveling & living overseas.

It trickles down to the pets, too, who all eat grain free foods from non-chain stores.  This is not so much an indulgence for them as it is a reality that wild animals don't eat wheat.  That and one of the cats & the dog have allergies.  Really.

All this highfalutin attention to detail and need for quality products might appear excessive.  I'm not sure when this change happened either: when Trader Joe's overtook Giant, salon dye won over boxed dye, and the need for yoga beat out couch-potato'ing.  I never needed designer clothes, yet Coach purses & the rare Louboutin's mark some sort of coming of age in my head.  

Call me spoiled.
Call me immoderate.
Call me crazy.
But one thing's for sure: I didn't care worth squat about these things at 21 or 25.
What is it about becoming independent ("grown up") that has the potential to make us so reliant on other things?

I find value in taking care of my assets with quality items.
Because life is short.
and I am a grown up.

30, baby.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WordFul Wednesday: NYC bday!

This past weekend's birthday trip to NYC totally took my mind of turning 30.  And here's why:

Baller Weekend (as we dubbed it) began with a complementary hotel room upgrade to a suite & four drink coupons.  Score.

We headed out to Ray's Pizza & then Blind Tiger bar.
Pizza + Beer = Happiness.
...especially fancy-pinky-up-beer and greasy-delicious-pizza!
(why did I put that picture up of me?!)

The next day Mike tells me there's a surprise waiting for me.  I totally thought this trip was my present!  We headed uptown on the subway, getting off and walking towards Central Park.  I had no clue what he planning.  I guessed we were going to the American Girl Store to create a replica of me.  I was sorely wrong as we walked up to this store:

See, you might remember back during wedding planning when I wanted these shoes so badly, only to find out they were Christian Louboutin's.  Once I found the price tag I totally threw that plan out the window.  I always kept those Loubs in the back of my mind, though.
Enter a scene about 3 weeks ago, me with my brand new, pain-in-the-foot shoes from Target. Twenty five dollars for shoes seemed like such a steal.  But my feet ached. It's true, you pay for what you get.

Mike did something amazing.  He put two and two and two together.  He knew I loved Loubs and thought I would never get them.  He knew that good shoes would make my feet feel better.  He found a Christian Louboutin boutique in New York City.  And He knew this would earn him major brownie points!

Any pair you'd like.

Beautiful, beautiful words.

Sadly, their stock of 37.5's ran low.  No worries, we headed to the original Sak's 5th Avenue where their women's shoe department not only has their own floor but an express elevator devoted to it!
Sak's also lacked my size in the shoe I wanted, but I did try it on.  And it's supposedly in the mail.  Counting down the days until my Loubs arrive!
I never in a million years would have dreamed of this present.  This is totally out of our ballpark for normal!
Baller Weekend.
Best present evah, right?

While in NYC we also stumbled upon the elusive Laduree macroon store, where a tiny treat cotsts $3 and the box to hold it in, $2.
Baller Weekend.
Amazing, yummy, and a new favorite. 

Other sight-seeing wonders and events include:
World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial

Ferrara's & the San Geranno Festival in Little Italy

 Sharing the love....

30 Rock & rehearsal monologue for Jimmy Fallon!

We even found our way into Christie's Auction House, took in the amazing-must-see musical Anything Goes, got ripped off on a pedicab ride, and ate at the 21 Club.
Totally fab.

Baller Weekend.
and to think, my actual birthday is not until Saturday!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday 9.16.11 -- NYC Edition!

This past weekend, Mike took me up to New York City for three days of fun.  We celebrated my upcoming 30th birthday (ahem, 9/24) & had a blast
We nicknamed the time spent our "Baller Weekend" because we did not hold back.
At. all.
Did someone say Louboutin's?
I'll get into that later.
And it was nothing short of amazing.

[edit: This is technically from a Friday, not a Saturday... So we'll call it Steppin' out Saturday on a Friday]

Quick story:  I purchased these button earrings from Uptown Avenue. They quickly became a fav, and then lost one!  I went back to their Etsy store, requesting to buy a single earring.  Theresa said no, she would instead send it to me free of charge with free shipping!  And surprise, she sent a whole new pair!!  Love great customer service!

Stay tuned for more from our amazing weekend! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Start Spreading The News

...I left yesterday,
for New York City!
 "...Concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh, 
there's nothing you can't do"

My wonderful husband and I decided to get away for a 30th birthday celebratory weekend!
So what if we're a week early and my birthday is not until Sept 24?  
(hint, hint)

Plans include eating elderflower ice cream at The Four Seasons, taking in the Broadway musical Anything Goes, eating at the 21 Club, visiting the Museum of the Moving Image for a special Jim Henson exhibit (he & I share a birthday), eating in Little Italy, seeing the "Imagine Mosaic" in Central Park, eating brunch somewhere and day drinking, taking tons of pictures, and eating cheesecake.  

I hope you noticed how much eating will be happening.  
And then how much dieting will happen once my birthday passes.  

Be on the look out on the tweeter & facebook for pictures and updates!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

(Weddign Recap) The Ceremony!

Finally the time came to walk down the aisle, exchange vows & rings, and officially become husband & wife!

From my spot out of sight in the balcony, I got a good look at the crowd gathering:
The chuppah translates to mean "covering" or "protection" and symbolizes the new home of the married couple.  It represents our desire for our home to be under the protection of God.  The marriage ceremony in Jewish faith cannot take place without a covering and four poles.

I remember standing at the top of the stairs, sneaking a peak and waving at friends who noticed me.  I listened to Wachet Auf lead our bridal party to their positions.  I heard the laughter and "awws," telling me my niece successfully made her flower girl debut.

I popped my head phones in and half listened to the chorus of Lady Gaga's Just Dance, to get me amp'd. Truth be told: I needed no help; my nerves turned over themselves, tears welled up in my eyes.  I heard the first chords of Pachelbel's Canon softly hit the air, just as I learned to play it on the piano around age 10.

Mike began his way to the chuppah with his mom and dad on either side.

When I successfully memorized Pachelbel's Canon way back when, I knew it would guide me to my groom in the future.  And here I was.
The music filled the air as I saw our wedding planner motion for me to start down the stairs.  Surprisingly, instead of don't fall don't fall don't fall I thought This is it.
 This is it.
My wedding!
Our wedding.

My dad waited for me at the bottom, with the biggest smile on his face.  He whispered to me how gorgeous I looked.  Blinking back tears, beyond my veil I saw so many familiar faces, all in one place, all smiling back at me.  So much love. Amazing.

As I approached Mike, I saw, with out any doubt, the happiest expression to ever grace his face.  I wanted to kiss him right then and there! (I also love his brother's face in the background)

Then I began the Seven Circles around my groom.  The seven circles represent my bond to him, just as the Teffelin straps are wrapped around a man's arm.  Also the number seven nods towards the complexity of the creation of the world, just as marriage reenacts the creative process.  Interestingly, some couples share the seven circles, taking turns rotating around each other.  We went traditional and I tried not to get too dizzy and fall down as I went around him seven times. For those of you wondering, the rabbi counted for me.

In Jewish faith there are actually two parts to the marriage ceremony: Kiddushin (Betrothal) and Nisuin (Nuptials). "Both parts are introduced with the benediction over wine, the traditional symbol of joy and abundance. The bride and groom each take a sip of the wine for each." {taken from The Jewish Wedding Guide}

During the Kiddushin we exchanged rings, by placing them on each other's right index finger.  Apparently, long ago one used their right index finger to make a mark or signature. 
I'm honestly so excited right here.

During the Nissuin the rabbi recited seven blessings over us, love, friendship, and completeness amongst them.  
We shared our own vows here.  And let me tell you, I thought we had this one covered, but...
Well, using a stock "fill in the blank" with sentence starters, we both had the same 8 statements to make.  I added a little bit to mine and so did Mike.  We had our bridesmaid and close friend, Kathryn, read them both to ensure we were on the same wavelength and literal length.  Kat encouraged me to add a little more, but it didn't feel natural.  
After I read my half page and felt pretty proud of myself.  Then seeing Mike pull out two pages just about made me gasp out loud.  He wrote and read the most heartfelt words.  I give him a lot of strife for not being "mushy."  Not anymore!
(And so much for trying to be on the same page - I guess you can't put a limit on love!)

Our rabbi read our ketuba and hand it to me.  I "own" it now. It's mine, all mine!

Finally, after the second cup of wine, hot veil was lifted off my face.  
The last thing left to do: break the glass!
The breaking of the glass can be a reminder of the fragility of life and also an affirmation that in times of happiness there should be a touch of seriousness.  It signifies that we are still mourning over the destruction of the Holy Temple of Jerusalem.  It also serves as a reminder of the sanctity of marriage.  A broken glass cannot be mended. 
We shouted "Mazel Tov!" (good luck!)

and kissed!

We were married!
Husband & Wife.

{all photos taken by Studio Juno photography}
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